Let’s talk about racism baby, let’s talk about you and me

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I have been called white trash by a blogger whom nobody reads but, apart from him, everyone who meets me thinks I am from a non-white ethnic group. When I was at high school in the Bay of Plenty my two closest girlfriends had white skin. My two closest male friends had brown skin. I had olive skin  and thought nothing of it, because in the Bay of Plenty growing up there was no racism that I was aware of. We all just saw each other as people.

I didn’t become really aware of skin colour until the school holidays before I started university. I bumped into to my friend Tama at Ohope beach. I made some comment about my Lebanese heritage and he stared at me in surprise. “I thought you were Maori,” he said. Until he made that comment I had assumed that I was just like everyone else. I didn’t think of my friends in terms of skin colour or race.

Instead of discussing  skin colour, race and racism,  and whether or not it is possible to be racist towards a person with white skin,  I have put together a series of images. I hope that these images will get you thinking. I may not like all the different cultures in the world because they may value different things to me, but skin colour means nothing to me. We are all human and if you cut us we bleed. It isn’t our skin colour that divides us, it is our beliefs. Being labelled because of skin colour makes no sense at all.


The Anti-White Dictionary

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  • Jaffa

    Racism is discriminating against someone on the grounds of their race alone.

    • NahYeah

      Try telling that to Susan Devoy. The HRC says that europeans cannot make complaints of racism.

      • biscuit barrel

        HRC has climbed aboard the school bullying bandwagon too!

      • Andinz

        If I understand this remark correctly, the HRC is saying that europeans cannot complain about racism because they are already established at the “top of the totem pole”? That is … you can only throw bricks upward.
        If the HRC believes that, does that mean that the HRC is racist? I think so.

      • OneTrack

        I’m not surprised that a progressive left quango like the HRC would give us newspeak like that.

      • NahYeah

        It’s interesting too as to the definition of “European”. If you put many europeans from say Spain or Southern Italy next to a maori of mixed blood, who is the darkest? Or is it only “really white europeans” that we are talking about? The more you look at the HRC’s definition of racism, the more absurd it gets!

        • Sailor Sam

          My family is Dutch, but if I put up a photo of my father, everyone would think he was maori.

  • SteveWrathall

    And already Canada is reaping the whirlwind of mysogyny and anti-Semitism from the Syrian “children” Trudeau has let in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrXc05jpB9s

  • Boondecker

    When I came to New Zealand from Africa as a 12 year old, i was told on my very first day at school by one of my new Intermediate School teachers I was “a racist”. I asked her how, considering I had no idea what a racist racist was at that stage in my life, and especially having only recently left behind a number of both black and white friends and I didn’t even think of the difference before then. She told me because I was a white from Africa and they’re all racists. Naturally, that explained everything for me.

    Later on, I married someone of similar ethnic origins to yours, SB. I’ve now bred a number of little racists with her as a result. I guess as a result all that I’m still a racist.

    • Shalice

      I see a day in future where white people marrying white people will be banned.

  • ProudWhiteChristianPatriarch

    For me now Racism is just the left telling people to shut the hell up.

    • Shalice

      I think the left should really revisit the definition of racism. Some people I know claim my statements on Islam are racist. When I told them it’s a religion, not a race I got a reply that racism is not only about race but also includes religion and culture! Whail Oil Beef Hooked…

      • duve

        Of course Islam is not a race, because people from the Middle East are actually Caucasion. It’s determined by skull shape, apparently.

  • NahYeah

    Adolf Hitler tries to exterminate the Jews = “the worst racism the world has ever seen”.
    Muslims actively exterminate the Jews as we speak = “it’s their right, nothing to see here, move along”.

    As soon as you start to base your assessment of who is racist, on their race, you have lost the plot.

    • johnandali

      And now I read that Ban Ky Moon has criticised Israel for its blockade of Gaza. But Hamas who control Gaza have a published agenda to destroy Israel. And the blockade is to ensure that they are not able to smuggle in rockets and missiles so that they can have yet another go at Israel. So is Ban Ky Moon a racist? Or is he simply a fool?

      • Andy

        He is just privileged.

  • sheppy

    Isn’t it sad that everything has to be labeled and then used as a weapon?
    Until this article I had no idea what colour SB is simply because in my mind it doesn’t matter, in fact I had to scroll back up to the top as I wrote this to check!
    I judge people based upon their personality and actions, the skin colour doesn’t matter. A great person is a great person no matter what the colour, and hypocrites, morons and idiots come in all colours too.

  • Wheninrome

    I suppose one could say that sun worshippers, especially in the summer, only become racist in the winter, chameleons no less.

  • cows4me

    “Black people can not be racists against white people. Racism is a position of the oppressor who has the power.” Adria Richards and people of her ilk will try for any excuse to explain their failings, I guess saying this makes her feel good but it chances nothing, the problem is hers.

    • NahYeah

      So that is stating that it is impossible for black people to ever be the oppressor or to ever hold power. That’s quite a racist assumption isn’t it?

      • cows4me

        I guess it is but I didn’t say it, get with the program.

      • johnandali

        I believe that in South Africa, it’s difficult for a white person to get a job in the Police force or in the Public Service. If that’s true, is it racism, or is it reverse racism?

        • NahYeah

          I have a lot of difficulty with the whole “reverse-racism” (or for that matter reverse-sexism) thing. If racism is discriminating against anyone on the basis of race, then what is the reverse of that?

          • kehua

            It is the very separatism that `freedom` won.

          • NahYeah

            Freedom? From what?

  • JEL51

    Went to a function when it was D’s turn to drive. She dropped the four of us off then went to park car. On entering we had all tickets checked and said D was on her way would they let her in. At a guess there was between 250 to 300 guests many of whom were already seated.
    Once D caught up with us she asked what we told the door-keeper? I simply said that she were from Jamaica. What else was needed?

  • Doug

    A lot of these remind me of that story, a group of people are sitting around talking, and one goes I am proud of my African heritage, everyone congratulates him. Another goes I am proud to be Asian, again everyone congratulates him. Then another goes I am proud to be gay, again everyone encourages. Then the white guy says he is proud of his heritage, so everyone tells the racist to get out.

  • Greg

  • thesilentmajority

    You are so right! I remember a time when my kids were younger, at primary school. I was trying to describe another child to them for some reason, I can’t remember why. I described his height, hair colour, the fact that he had olive skin, who he hung out with, but it never crossed my mind to describe his race. Eventually they said “Oh (name) why didn’t you just say the Indian kid?” Why? Because it never crossed my mind to do so. If anyone ever did try to call me racist I would have to recount that story.

  • johnandali

    But Muslims are not a race. There are Muslims of every different race on earth. So how can it be racist to criticise their religion? And if it’s racist to criticise Islam, how is it that Muslims treat non-Muslims in their home countries as second-class infidels, and even make them pay higher taxes, Is that racism?

    • Andinz

      Totally agree that muslims are not a race. Tried to make this point as well as a barrage of others. Brought Islam into this because many insist on applying the term “racist” when Islamophobia enters the conversation. BTW I have no love for Islam even though some muslims may themselves be fine people.

      My view is to go past the misuse of the word “racist” as there is no other that I can think of for the muslim situation. And that is why I grappled with the basis of “racism” which is the “superiority” of one group over another.

      Just my essay. I think SB is fishing for input and so am I.