It looks like Obama isn’t the only one censoring language

Recently Obama had a hissy fit over people calling him out on his deliberate and continuing omission of the words Radical Islam when referring to terrorist attacks carried out by followers of Radical Islam. It turns out he is not the only one responsible for censoring language in an attempt to avoid discussing the problem. During his hissy fit he said that he did not need to name the enemy in order to successfully fight the enemy. I say if he cannot even name the enemy then he is scared of the enemy.

Voldermort in the Harry Potter series was referred to as “He who must not be named” due to the wizard community’s extreme fear of him.he_who_must_not_be_named_by_jhadha-d53qpg9

Look at the example below of how weak America’s Homeland Security Advisory Council has become. Instead of focusing on combating extremism they are issuing guidelines about what words they are allowed to use when issuing press releases.

A report by the Homeland Security Advisory Council released days before the Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Florida, stressed the importance of combating extremism by avoiding terms that might offend Muslims.

A HSAC subcommittee first created by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson in 2015 published its report on June 9.

Some instructions found in the report include:

  • Officials should not use the word “jihad.”
  • Officials should not use the word “sharia.”
  • Officials should not use the word “takfir,” which is done when one Muslim accuses another of apostasy.
  • Officials are instructed to “reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.”

“We must speak with honor and respect about all communities within the United States,” the Daily Caller reported Tuesday. “We should give dignity to the many histories and diversities within our nation and advocate for a consistent whole of government approach that utilizes agreed terms and words. Tone and word choice matter.”

– The Washington Times

For those of you who may think that the above sounds reasonable, and that our officials should be careful with their words, I have this to say: facts are not ‘religiously charged terminology.’ If a Catholic massacred 50 people  in the name of the Pope and the Vatican claimed responsibility for the attack then that is what happened. Yes, it might upset innocent Catholics who had nothing to do with it but the facts are the facts.

The facts are that the man who massacred the people in the nightclub was Muslim. He said he did what he did for ISIS, which is a terrorist group that represents Radical Islam. He targeted a gay club and the only countries in the world that execute gay people for being gay are Islamic countries. So, his religion is very relevant to the story. Jihad is the correct Islamic word to describe what he did. Sharia is the correct word to describe Islamic religious law that says homosexuality is a sin that should be punished. Takfir is the correct word to describe when one Muslim accuses another of apostasy.

If a Maori gunman killed a family of Maori from another tribe would we avoid using the word Whanau to describe those who were killed? If he did it for revenge would we avoid using the word Utu? This censorship of language by the Homeland Security Advisory Council is embarrassing. In the old days before political correctness took hold our leaders had no difficulty naming the enemy or using the correct words to describe what they had done. We seem to be in the hands of people who are more concerned with offending the Muslim community than actually speaking the truth about the radical individuals who live among them.


The problems with the American Homeland Security Council are not limited to their censorship of language.

As the country still reels from the terror attack on a Florida nightclub perpetrated by a radical Muslim, news of another radical Muslim has emerged – only this one was hired by Barack Obama and placed on a U.S. Homeland Security subcommittee.

One of the new members of Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism is a 25-year-old Syrian immigrant who has not only outright rejected ever accepting the idea of truly being an American, but has praised the 9/11 attacks as a positive good, and indulged constant racist attacks on white people on Twitter.

As Daily Caller documents, Laila Alawa was hired by Barack Obama to join the Department of Homeland Security–an agency set up to stop another 9/11 attack–even though she has praised 9/11 as a good thing.






There are many, many more tweets just like these, tweets attacking the U.S., some tweets slamming the American concept of freedom of speech, many more attacking whites–especially white men–and others celebrating terrorism.

This is the person Barack Obama has put on a committee of our Homeland Security Department. And is it any surprise that this committee is advising the U.S. government to eliminate Muslim words such as “jihad,” “sharia,” “takfir‘ or “umma” when talking about the problem of radical Islamist terror all in order not to “offend” Muslims?

Daily Caller has much more on this, but suffice to say, this woman has shown a thorough disdain for the very country she is charged with helping make secure. One also wonders what sensitive materials she is allowed to get hold of in her position. What is her security clearance?



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  • NahYeah

    Obama called out Trump, saying that naming the enemy and fighting the enemy “is not a Strategy”. He clearly has a better Strategy:

    • KatB

      I’m sure these people haven’t got their heads in the sand, I think they’re just trying to be all inclusive and are practicing their praying.

      • NahYeah

        Allahu Sandbar?

      • Tiger

        They are looking to emigrate to NZ, they heard it was “downunder”!

        • KatB

          I think one’s looking for Me cca(r) and one’s looking for Me din(n)a.

  • shykiwibloke

    Great Parallel with Harry Potter. the Ministry of magic was infiltrated. The Minister turned a blind eye until it was too late. That ended well for them didn’t it?
    This President will go down in history alongside Chamberlain, and I think that is unfair on Chamberlain as the world truly did not know what it faced at that time. We do.

    • jimknowsall

      Chamberlain was desperate to avoid repeating the horrors of WW1, as well he might. Given the circumstances, appeasement looked a pretty good option until Hitler pushed things too far. By which time, Germany was a strong military power.

  • cows4me

    Many scoff at the notion Obama may be a Muslim, by their deeds you shall know them. He wishes to fundamentally transform America, seems to me he’s certainly doing his best to totally destroy it. If the USA does eventually break down into some sort of civil war this clown and his administration will be totally responsible.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    They are all going full on to make excuses for Obabble including an ex Advisor who claimed avoiding certain phases or words to clearly identify radical Islamic terrorists is his way of playing into ISIS hands. Using the terms they use to describe themselves would be a sign of weakness. Reah right.
    The PC washing of language is now permeating way to far and Homeland Security are already wearing too much egg. Is it any wonder more people are attracted to the Trump camp who also want to take back America starting with a clear line in the sand.

  • Crowgirl

    When she says “for good” she might just be meaning forever ie 9/11 changed the world forever/for good. I wouldn’t be so quick to say she is praising it – I’m not sure that even Obama is that dumb.

  • sheppy

    It’s at the stage where America needs Trump to rescue them from this madness. No wonder Obama wants to get rid of Americans only means of defence!
    True PC madness

    • Miss Phit

      When the only answer to the madness of trump being the only option, then you start to see how bad things are in Murika!

      • Whitey

        I’ve always said if Trump is the answer someone asked a very stupid question, but it appears that’s really where things have got to in the US. Scary stuff!

  • jimknowsall

    It is terrifying that someone like Laila could be in the position that she is. Not only does she have some appalling views, but she shows a complete disregard as to how to comport herself. She behaves on Twitter like some semi-literate feral, shooting her mouth off with the first thing that comes into it. That any government official would write “Go f— yourself” is astonishing.