The lunatics are now running the Asylum at Yale University

Erika Christakis, who was at the center of protests at Yale, at the Calvin Hill Day Care Center in New Haven last month. Credit Christopher Capozziello for The New York Times

Erika Christakis, who was at the center of protests at Yale, at the Calvin Hill Day Care Center in New Haven last month. Credit Christopher Capozziello for The New York Times

Two Academics who are husband and wife have resigned their posts at Yale University after being targeted by student activists.They were unlikely targets as they had a long record of advocating for minority students, and had devoted much of their academic work to highlighting health and development problems facing underserved communities. What happened to them is far too common on University campuses these days as has been made very clear by Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous Faggot tour. His tour has been attacked by intolerant liberal students who feel that they have the right to silence free speech and to dictate what people can and cannot do and say. It was students just like the ones that attacked Milo that forced the resignations of the two academics at Yale.

So what did they do to start off the witch hunt that would end in their joint resignation?

…It began fittingly on the day before Halloween, when Ms. Christakis questioned guidelines from Yale’s Intercultural Affairs Committee warning against “culturally unaware or insensitive” costumes. Ms. Christakis reasoned, in an email to Silliman residents, that students should decide for themselves how to dress for Halloween, without the administration’s involvement.

Student radicals of the 1960s might have recognized her note as a defense of free expression, but those days are long gone. Instead, Ms. Christakis was denounced as a proponent of cultural insensitivity. Irate students circulated petitions, wrote editorials and posted social-media tirades. They scribbled criticisms in chalk outside the Christakises’ home and posted degrading images of them online. Two student groups demanded their removal from Silliman.

In one incident captured on video, dozens of students confronted Dr. Christakis, berating and cursing him, while a Yale dean looked on. One student screamed at Dr. Christakis: “You should not sleep at night. You are disgusting.” Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway did not help matters when, the next day, he offered his “unambiguous” support for the Intercultural Affairs Committee’s guidelines, calling their intent “exactly right.”

…Though President Salovey rejected calls for the Christakises’ firing, animus for the couple simmered. In December, a crate appeared outside their Silliman office containing a sombrero and a Rastafarian wig—the sort of Halloween paraphernalia now taboo on college campuses. In January, a fake email purporting to be from Ms. Christakis objected to the administration’s safety ban on hoverboard scooters. The couple canceled teaching plans for the spring.

At Silliman College’s graduation ceremony on May 23, several seniors refused to accept their diplomas from Dr. Christakis or to shake his hand. Two days later, the Christakises announced that they would step down from Silliman. Many students celebrated the news on Facebook.
While the Christakises remain affiliated with Yale and could return to teaching, their resignations from Silliman had the air of a chapter closing in one of the more disturbing episodes of modern campus intolerance.

…In the months since the controversy erupted, the Christakises have met one-on-one with offended students. They have invited their critics over for a group lunch to “continue the conversation.” Though not always with success, the Christakises tried to improve a fraught situation, with little backup from the administration.

“We have great respect for every member of our community, friend and critic alike,” Dr. Christakis wrote in announcing the couple’s resignation from Silliman, effective in July. “We remain hopeful that students at Yale can express themselves and engage complex ideas within an intellectually plural community.”

Mr. Young, a Robert L. Bartley Fellow at the Journal this summer, will be a senior at Yale University in the fall.

In an interview Ms Christakis described herself as very anti-establishment, in a sort of old-school, lefty way.” She said that some of her students had asked her what she thought, and “I can’t accept the idea that we can only restrict ourselves to discussions of the weather.”

The thing that shocked her most about the Halloween furor, she said, was that students would cede control over matters like how they should dress to the Yale administration.

“Should we be talking more transparently about when it’s appropriate for administrations to insert themselves into issues that arise in students’ lives?” Ms. Christakis asked. “I think students are more capable than we give them credit for being to manage social norming.”

Yale University was mentioned in the article the Top Ten Worst Colleges for Free Speech:2016 because of how they treated Ms Christakis and Dr Christakis.


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  • Quinton Hogg

    This is sad.
    There is interesting commentary in this weeks economist on the subject of free speech which is worth reading.

  • phronesis

    What is disturbing about this case is that the Christakises actually believe that “cultural appropriation” is wrong and should be condemned. Their concern was that the decision to ban the costumes by the administration at Yale was a step too far in dictating social norms. As lefty hippy types of their generation they understand that the “State” dictating morality is a road to ruin. Despite their considerable efforts they were unable to make the students understand what the problem is. These students will be the thought police of the future.

    • R&BAvenger

      What’s next, language cultural appropriation? What about all the words from foreign lands ‘borrowed’ into English? Then of course all of the folks around the world who have learned English as a second language? The more you think about it, the more ridiculous you realise it all has become.

  • You know this is how the ANC overthrew the Apartheid government. They used anarchy and violence (ok, this particular bunch isn’t using violence yet…..but it’s started with Trump supporters being attacked).

    The Apartheid government was overthrown, and what happened? A whole generation (two or three now) learnt that anarchy and violence will get you whatever you want….

  • KatB

    A sombrero and a Rastafarian wig, taboo? Wow I didn’t realise those things were so dangerous. I guess we won’t see any more nun costumes either, oh that’s right Catholics and the likes are still fair game.

  • cows4me

    It’s not the lunatics that have taken over the asylum SB it’s the sheep. These students and their enablers are to stupid to save themselves and idiots like these will be in the front line to be cannon fodder for the progressive elite. You can’t help stupid and this is a special kind of stupid, when these two bobs finally realise they have been had they’ll be on the way to the slaughter house.

  • BigDogTalking

    Unless you are dressing in your own clothes then you are by definition “appropriating” the cultural of whatever group you are copying. Police, Nun, Hippy etc.
    If it is inappropriate for one group then it must be inappropriate for all groups right, otherwise what is the distinction point? White ok Black not ok?
    With actual people based groups now taboo that leaves only fictional characters to copy, but if you choose Tarzan or Disney princess then you will still find these are based on real people, groups or cultural stereotypes more often than not.
    Guess that just leaves dressing as “not” people such as animals of objects.
    So given the prevailing level of thinking at this college presumably that will be a lot of fruitcake wandering about at Halloween, only because I can’t see how to dress as a vacuum

    • sonovaMin

      Heh – I agree with that interpretation – What most people don’t get is that when Maori or other races put on a pair of jeans or any european clothing they are appropriating something that is not theirs.

  • Wangas Feral

    While I mourn the death of free speech and am agog at the insanity sweeping the halls of academia I actually get a bit of comfort watching the ultimate end game for these lefties – them eating each other. I don’t see it as a great leap to what is happening in Syria – where ISIS, when they have not got any Yazidis or Christians to kill, start dropping their own fighters into vats of acid.

  • Oh Please

    Lefties eating lefties. Free speech is dead – killed by lefties.

  • OneTrack

    What will the world look like when these student totalitarians get a real job with real power?

  • jimknowsall

    Cultural appropriation is an absurd concept. No one owns culture and everyone is free to adopt whatever culture they choose. Isn’t that the basis of those choosing to immigrate and integrate?
    More than that, the issue here is a fancy dress party, an idea that is obviously completely over the heads of those complaining.

  • Doug

    Should I have any pity on them? These social justice warriors are just an evolution of what the Christakises were when they were students

  • Mr.White

    We like it when the left eats its own.

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    University administrations across the US have joined the anarchists. I can’t see how it will end well if bad student behaviour is cheered on by the faculty. A degree will be something to hide rather than be proud of.

  • Simon

    Getting to the point where a potential employee will present their university degree on their CV – only to have the fact count as a negative.