Man who shags horses wins name suppression

A man who shags horses has won name suppression in Australia…for now.

A COURT has ordered the suppression of the name of a 29-year-old South Grafton man charged with bestiality after he was discovered engaging in sex acts with horses.

The man did not appear in Grafton Local Court yesterday, where his Legal Aid defence solicitor asked the court for a suppression order.

Magistrate Robyn Denes granted the request, ordering the suppression of the name of the accused to protect his safety and to avoid embarrassment.

Are they worried the horses will try to lynch him? ?

The bestiality charge followed an investigation by Coffs/Clarence detectives, who alleged the offences occurred between January 2015 and February 2016, the man committed three acts of bestiality against horses in the region.

After charging the man last month, Detective Acting Inspector Ian Corcoran said at least one of the charges related to sexual intercourse with a horse, while another related to an act in which the man allegedly “inserted his fist into the anus of a horse”.

It is believed on a third occasion he was caught just prior to the act of inter-species intercourse.

It will be alleged the horse/s involved did not belong to him, with at least one belonging to a farmer in South Grafton.

“These horses were not his property,” Det. Insp. Corcoran said.

Would it have been ok if they were his property?


-Daily Examiner