Mayor Andrew Judd is trying to get you to buy into his guilt trip


An anti-racism hikoi in New Plymouth is reaching its end today, but Mayor Andrew Judd hopes it sparks a nationwide conversation about Maori-Pakeha relations.

Hundreds participated in the three-day march, which was organised to show support for Mr Judd after he announced he wouldn’t be standing for the mayoralty again due to the abuse he received for championing Maori issues.

Mr Judd was spat at and abused when he announced the council wanted to introduce a Maori ward, which received a resounding ‘no’ vote in a citizens-initiated referendum.

Mr Judd believes Pakeha have an inherent privilege and need to understand that if Aotearoa is to become a more harmonious society. 

“If we don’t, we’ll always have what we’ve always had, which is something that’s not working,” says Mr Judd.

“I know that because a simple question was put to my community around inclusiveness and it got a reaction that was telling of who and where we’re at as a country.

“That has to change and it needs to be done in a respectful, peaceful and tolerant way.”

Since he announced he would not be seeking re-election Mr Judd has been inundated with support from around the country.

Mr Judd says while the support has been uplifting, it had not changed his mind.

He believes running for Mayor again would cause divisions and do more harm than good.

“This is beyond a mayoralty, this is really about who are we as New Zealanders. What conversations have you had in your house? Your workplace? With yourself even?”

“Consider what I put forward on the journey that I’ve taken as a New Zealander whose ideas of the past were clouded by having a colonial upbringing.”

The hikoi will finish up at the historical community of Parihaka later today which Mr Judd says is fitting due to its historical significance as a place of peace in the face of gross injustices by early European settlers.

Democracy sat Judd on his arse when people voted against having a Maori ward. Instead of accepting the will of his voters, he’s chucked his toys and called his voters a bunch of racists.

He’s no longer relevant. The next mayor, the next “racist” mayor, is clearly going to ensure voters are not encumbered with a guilt-driven social justice warrior.


– Newshub


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  • Old Man, Torbay.

    “Hundreds participated in the three-day march”.
    I’ve got news for Mr. Judd.
    Thousands didn’t.

    • Somnambulist

      Several million, in fact.

    • Hedgehog

      “Hundreds” in News Media speak is a few more than 20.

      • Whitey

        This is the natural result of our unionized education system. The journos are a little out of their depth when it comes to numbers.

  • Isherman

    Why do I get the strong feeling we’re looking at Susan Devoy’s replacement?

    • STAG

      I think Judd’s level of delusion even exceeds Devoy’s. No, unless I’ve very much missed my mark Andrew is headed for a role with the UN.

      • Dave B

        “Maybe if we appease our enemies enough, they will let us be, maybe…..if we could only Believe hard enough…”

        The Left truly has its own mystical religion

      • JustTinkering

        You are right – he seems to be posturing to line himself up for a new trough. If not with Susan – probably at a university. He wears the cloak of complicity.

  • Dave B

    This man is what you call a “Cuck” – he gets perverse enjoyment watching other cultures shag his own culture.

  • socantor

    So our Treaty “Partners” are not allowed to participate in local government. Same old story, treat everyone the same.
    Can’t be done folks, while we have two separate official cultures. Either we have a partnership and all that that implies or we don’t.

  • One_step_beyond

    “which received a resounding ‘no’ vote in a citizens-initiated referendum”

    We live in a democracy, move on.

    • The Fat Man

      That’s exactly what Auckland needs.

      A binding referendum.

      Get rid of the waste of space unelected maori statutory board.

      Yeh Nah

  • cows4me

    The hikoi went pass about two hours ago, at least the yearlings in the roadside paddock showed some semblance of excitement. Probably about 3 to 400 deluded souls with several van loads of followers. They just don’t get it, several things went though my head as I watched . If they put as much effort in finding a candidate to stand and showing the same amount of support as shown on this stupid walk that person would be a shoe in. Of course it’s much easier to walk along the road, pretend you are all aggrieved, wail and cry racist, so much more satisfying but all a load of nonsense. It also seems so easy to label someone as a racist because they don’t agree with you, it’s nothing more then emotional blackmail.

    • Joe Burns

      RAce relations conciliator, Dame Whatsername, has joined the hicky according to red radio.

    • Misfit

      most of them will be from out of town and not eligible to vote anyway Id imagine

  • Mike

    Inherent privilege? My parents made do on a single junior teacher’s income with four children and we all worked our asses off to get to University and get the good jobs we have now. I’m so sick of this Leftie nonsense that white people should somehow apologise for being born white. Asians don’t apologise for being born Asian, and yet they often succeed at life! People of many races don’t apologise for their race and do well in their lives. We live in a democracy. Nobody should get a seat in power based on the colour of their skin. Hard to believe the same Leftists who railed against Apartheid want to institute Apartheid in New Zealand (for the Maori)

    • The Fat Man

      Want to see apartheid in action, check out most Government departments.

      Heard about an immigrant Police officer learning to speak Maori because it was the path for advancement within the Police.

  • Somnambulist

    If Andrew and all his self loathing lefty mates want to spark “…a nationwide conversation about Maori-Pakeha relations” let me tell them now: they won’t like the outcome one little bit.

    • The Fat Man

      We did have the conversation.

      It was the heavily Maori weighted constitution committee.

      The constitution talks were shelved when the vast Majority did not want the TOW in the constitution.

      The decision was that more” education” was needed.NZ apparently was not ready for the TOW constitution.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Judd does himself no favours by illustrating his reverse racism simply with his own brand of racist terminology.
    No matter what we do or how much money is wasted on the natives they continue to scream out for more to get even worse. Never has so much been squandered on so few for so little gain for them of the funders.
    There is often a sense of detachment when we see such vitriol as they often seem to be talking about yet another race. Many of us are aware of or even have friends who are natives who we number among other achievers we know. They work hard always with a strong display of family first extending to strong involvement in the community and groups where they or their children are interested or involved. The lucky ones know them by name above any label others might attach to them.
    Sadly too many natives ignore the knock from opportunity when it calls since it is always firm and perhaps is confused with a repo man or the law who have an equally strong knock.

  • Rokopa

    Mr. Judd, if exercising my democratic right to vote against the automatic inclusion of Maori onto our council labels me a racist then i’ll wear it as a badge of honour.

  • oldmanNZ

    a what? “anti racist hikoi” for a racist policy?
    He calling others racist for being racist himself?

    he says “gross injustices by early European settlers”

    thats was a few hundred years ago,
    70 years ago Japenese invaded China, most chinese moved on.
    Germany caused a world war, most people moved on and still buy german cars.

    most of us had nothing to do with the early european settlers, so where is the injustice?

    • lyall

      couldnt agree more, I find it absolutely disgusting that this guy gets to spout off about racism when he is in fact championing a racist cause – if he thinks someones ethnicity should determine their right to be in an elected body then he is spitting in the face of democracy and equality – as harmless as it may seem in the case of town wards it is a step toward division not unity – his decision not to run for mayor again is commendable!

  • Misfit

    I see Maori have supplied him with the cloak of Sanctimony. Its a golden egg for Maori activists, a white guy saying he was wrong, much like a male feminist as he basks in his new found attention .

  • D.Dave

    Sounds like an early application to be the next Race Relations Conciliator. I have no guilt what so ever about the actions of my forebears, as it was the way of the times they lived in. Nowadays, every student starting school has the same opportunities as his/her class mates. It is up to the parents who spawned them to steer them clear of drugs, violence and hatred, then we might just get on as a society, with no pointless marches required.

    • Somnambulist

      If Europeans should be ashamed for the actions of their ancestors, shouldn’t Maori be beside themselves with shame at the way their forebears ate people? Just a thought.

      • Hedgehog

        Or shouldn’t Maori be ashamed for their actions today?

  • Hedgehog

    It boils my blood to read this and personifies why we will never be just Kiwis. Every time we allow people like this Judd fellow too give Maori special rights over the rest of us he reinforces the separatism. Good on New Plymouth for calling him out.

    • Sailor Sam

      I agree.
      I am a migrant and really love living in NZ, except for the racist whingeing that goes on constantly by public figures and repeated ad nauseam by compliant media which do not ever do proper investigative journalism and call some of these whingers out.
      It is difficult to get away from all this negativity
      That is why my wife and I regularly escape to OZ, to get a good dose of optimism and enjoyment to be surrounded by people who do not whinge.
      Even during the current federal election campaign, both sides here are campaigning positively, about what they will do to enhance the lives of the ordinary person.
      Sure it is not a perfect country, inhabited by perfect politicians, but al least they convey positive messages and optimism.
      There are moves afoot here to change the constitution to encompass the first people, there has been mention of a treaty even but those same first people do not want that at all as they believe it will hold them back.
      They must have been looking at the ToW?

  • George Carter

    I’m glad so many could get the time off work and school to go on 3 day ramble. Did it ever occur to the ramblers that their lack of commitment to work and education is a big reason why so many of their “culture” dominate the less desirable statistics in this country?

  • Win

    “Mr Judd after he announced he wouldn’t be standing for the mayoralty again due to the abuse he received for championing Maori issues.

    In fact, he isn’t standing because he knows that people will not vote for him because of his hand wringing views. He is pushing is own agenda, and like so many of the socialists employed in local government, doing his utmost to enforce leftist social re-engineering. Like Len Brown, this guy is not fit to hold any public office.

  • Wolfman Jack

    The “was spat at and abused” statement has never been challenged. Judd’s election as mayor was in reaction to the previous mayor Harry DoNothing using the position as a replacement trough after Parliament. Judd had a lot of supporters including councilors I know personally but in their minds he went off the reservation when he came up with his Maori council seat idea on his own (no doubr in cahoots with some local iwi). His road to Damsacus moment came after reading about past injustice in a couple of the revisionist ‘history’ books so beloved of those with no written history

  • Gazza

    Oh there we go, white privilege, yeah yeah whatevs….the only racism I see is the reverse racism of how big the begging bowl has to be and in an attempt to justify poor choices. I read a lot of articles from overseas about how institutional racism does not exist but in good ol’ NZ we actually do have it…..The unelected Independent Statutory Maori Board at Auckland Council for example springs to mind. But I guess I will be called racist for pointing that out and suggesting that its racist….my head hurts.

  • Wolfman Jack

    “Hundreds participated in the three-day march”. By the look of the reports (Taranaki Daiky News) they have counted the number who marched on the first day around 100, with the number on the second day 80 (most of whom were also there the first day), so far 180 then they counted the same faces on the third day with a couple of late arrivals (Devoy, Logie et al) for the final stroll to the place of ‘peace’ Parihaka.

    Notice the hundreds of walkers and local maori in the photo at Parihaka discussing how racist we all are. It’s amazing they could all get in the same shot

  • Observer

    What’s the bet this guy gets Dame Susan Devoy’s Race Relations Conciliator role when she steps down?

    • Aucky

      He makes all the right noises.

    • The Fat Man

      Chances of getting re elected .

      Slim to none.

  • The Fat Man

    To those who want to be represented.

    Put your name on the Ballot like everyone else.

    If you get enough votes you are in.

    There is no room in a modern democracy for race or religious based seats.

    • WangLord

      Lose weight and get an education.

  • InnerCityDweller

    “Mr Judd believes Pakeha have an inherent privilege and need to understand that if Aotearoa is to become a more harmonious society.” Hhmmm, achieving harmony through separation?

    So,looked up harmony: “The quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole”.

    Oh dear….

    • NahYeah

      Try looking up “privilege”: “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group”. Now does that sound more like Europeans or Maori?

    • WangLord

      Are you retarded? You think ignoring social injustices is keeping the status quo? Nice rhetoric, but you’re a dipshit. lol

  • Pita

    Mr Judd believes Pakeha have an inherent privilege …for just being white? My inherent privilege was the sacrifice my parents made for my education and the privileges that I accrued ensuring that their sacrifice was not wasted.

  • Boondecker

    Is it just me or is this guy really gone full retard narcissist with all the attention? I mean, I appreciate the need to remove nasty blatant racism for all corners, but the way this self-doubting guy is carrying on seems decidedly presumptive, personally guilt-laden and messaging way over the top. I feel sorry for the people of New Plymouth.

  • Plantagenet

    Judd will get into Parliament next election on the Labour/Green List. They’ve probably already got a place set aside for him.

    • herewego

      Have to be Green – Labour ain’t getting any list seats. But he might do better than the candidate that ran in New Plymouth last time

  • Graeme

    Judd needs to wake up. We all leave school with the same opportunities which some choose to take advantage of and apply themselves , others don’t. Most who knuckle down usually get the benefit and may even become Mayor of New Plymouth. The others who made no effort,rely on some bleeding hearts who did succeed , to grant them privileges that they could have attained themselves if they had got off their bums.

  • Bruce Rayner

    I was one of the many thousands who voted Judd in as mayor as [1] considered he would be good for New Plymouth, and [2] had to get rid of 1 term Dynhoven. well #2 was successful got rid of him temporarily, but #1 was an absolute failure.
    Now the likes of myself are classed [by the media, their words]” rednecks.” well if being a redneck is someone who will stand up for our democratic rights I’ll be a redneck anyday and proud of it.

    • WangLord

      You’re on Whale Oil. Of course you’re a redneck, you prick. lol

    • Bruce Rayner

      You’re on Whale Oil. Of course you’re a redneck, you prick. lol
      9:11 p.m., Friday June 17 | Other comments by WangLord

      Reply to WangLord

      Then what are you doing on whaleoil?? Talk about a hypocrit.
      As i said if being a redneck is someone who will stick up for democratic rights them i am proud to be one.
      what are you a typical winging wining leftie who missed the bus?

  • Murray Pratt

    When you are first born, any advantage you have in life from day one is from your parents and their parents before them. Take good parenting away from a child who is about to receive that advantage is purely and simply socialism at its worse. Surely if Maori & Pakeha had equal rights Pakeha would be the winner with such an agreement. The way to do that is strip all rights Maori have over Pakeha and we would be equal. One way of doing that is through the TOW and the written words within. The treaty was for the native people of New Zealand and Maori are very much not those people. There are thousands of buildings still standing in Europe that were built over a century before Maori found NZ, not forgetting that they were not the first people here in the first place. There is no way you can call Maori native to NZ.
    Having said all that, Maori have great respect for the land and its those kind of values & others that we should tap into. Maori have also got some of the worse parenting skills imaginable and that is why they are held back in life. Idiots like Judd make Len Brown look like a true blue supporter and the best outcome is him not standing again. The guilt trip should be reserved for Maori parents who don’t gain the skills needed to pass on to their kids for life in the 21st century. Maybe social engineering idiots like Judd could face the real issues and target that problem. Footnote: I have Maori & Ghanaian blood in me but mostly European.

  • jim

    I live in Newplymouth,i am white and live alongside many friends who are Maori.We are all of the opinion that Andrew Judd is making things worse for all of us .
    We don’t want division in our community nor do we want separatism and we certainly no longer want Judd
    Let’s get real,He’s not standing because he got spat at. He is simply not wanted.
    We here in Newplymouth face a dillemma going forward as the next likely Mayor is a trougher from the old Labour Party,Commonly known as the fence sitter[Harry]
    In my opinion the guy[judd] is an idiot,stirring the pot when it doesn’t need it.
    He should join Len and think of the good times if they put all of their ratepayers first and make stronger communities

  • herewego

    Love the extrapolation from his ward to the whole of New Zealand. Jumping to conclusions much.
    In Auckland we never even got asked!

  • KatB

    They should’ve incorporated the hikoi with the annual half marathon,that way they would’ve had hundreds and it could’ve been done and dusted in a day.

  • Superman

    Who is really the racist?

  • Paul Marsden

    The Christmas Grinch aka Susan Devoy, was also there (no doubt at the taxpayers expense) supporting him.

  • Intrigued

    I’ve struggled to take this chap Judd seriously. He’s a good 20-30 years late in his so-called epiphany and yet here he is trying to foist on the good people of New Plymouth today some affirmative racist nonsense to apparently atone for the guilt that is best placed a century or more ago. There is nothing stopping motivated Maori leaders in NP from standing for council and getting elected on their merits. They don’t need it handed to them on a plate because of their race. What this self flagellating Judd has tried to impose on their council is embarrassing and condescending to the Maori people of Taranaki IMHO. I think Judd likes all the attention too as Bondecker notes below.

  • Derek Hoeta

    this is why you dont like Maori fat boy cause you got knocked out by one hahahahaa see got all your rednecks commenting on our Mayor they clowns to like you yay Jessie Ryder

  • Tarris

    Yeh, I live in NP. The spineless prat has not been seen since his ‘epiphany’. Maybe some idiot did abuse him. So what? Goes with the job doesn’t it? Grow some balls!