McDelivery! So much for not having fast food places close to schools


Don’t worry about fast food outlets near schools – McDonald’s is coming direct to your home.

Just wait for the health troughers to find a reason to oppose this.

Australians who fancy a McDonald’s but can’t be bothered to leave the house can have one sent to their door courtesy of the McDelivery service.

Kiwi fans of Maccas may soon be offered the same luxury.

McDonald’s has registered the “McDelivery” trademark in New Zealand consisting of a golden McDonald’s arch zipping along on a skateboard.  

Big Mac deliveries have taken off in Australia, with customers able to order online after setting up an account with the fast food restaurant.

The online account can be set up to allow super-fast reordering with a “save your favourites” function.

There is no McDelivery option on the New Zealand McDonald’s website, but the McDelivery logo has made an appearance on the Government’s Intellectual Property Office’s register of trademarks this month.

If McDeliveries begin in New Zealand’s cities, it won’t be the first burger delivery service the country has seen.

Bloggers everywhere can enjoy their essential vitamins delivered straight to the door. We can stay in our Y-fronts all day now.


– Fairfax


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  • Doc45


  • oldmanNZ

    Think it would be more for corporate people who work late and instead of the pizza, why not maccas,,, Mcdonalds is just too pricey and with delivery cost will cost more for the average Y front blogger.

  • Raibert

    Wonder why it took them so long to do this. Most of the other fast food chains, particularly pizza have had this service for ever.

    • rantykiwi

      Pizza survives the delivery hiatus nicely. McDeadthings’ fare has passed its best by the time you get it to the table in the restaurant – by the time it was delivered to your home it would be even more inedible.

      • Deano

        McDeadthings last at least 10 years without any deterioration

  • BullyHayes

    i noticed mcd’s delivery scooters in singapore several years ago

  • hookerphil

    Just ordered Quarter Pounder – Fries – Chocolate Thickshake via Mrs H.P.
    Doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

  • Brian

    Coming to a state housing area near you…