Michael Woodhouse tries a bold faced lie. It normally works, but this time the Media used Google

Maybe the Media party are getting wise to lying politicians and fact checking what they have to say.

They’ve caught out Michael Woodhouse in a lie.

Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse told RNZ News he agreed with that finding, but added the 90-day trial was never about creating jobs.

“The policy wasn’t put in place to materially increase the number of jobs in the economy … and for that reason, the report is actually of reasonably limited use in assessing the successful outcome or otherwise of the trial periods,” Mr Woodhouse said.

Mr Woodhouse’s statements today contradict what the government told the public in 2008 when it said the policy would help create new jobs.

In a media release titled “90-day trial period to provide job opportunities”, then-Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson said the policy would “provide confidence for employers engaging new staff” and allow “struggling job-seekers to get their foot in the door, rather than languish on a benefit”. ?

When the government extended the trial to all businesses in 2011, the minister said that was part of the government’s focus on “creating more jobs for New Zealand families”.

In 2012, based on a report from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, the government claimed its 90-day-trial period was so successful it had created 13,000 new jobs in small-to-medium sized businesses.

Prime Minister John Key said he also fundamentally disagreed with the new report’s findings – and anecdotal evidence showed the policy worked.

Hung, drawn and quartered by Comrade Kate.

I don’t really care what the results of the report are, I still think the bill is useful. National shouldn’t be so stupid to deny how they sold it though.


– Radio NZ