The new Hate Speech Police are already out there and they want to cost Racists their jobs


Andrea Morisette Grazzini

A group of ‘hate speech’ police was set up by Andrea Morisette Grazzini. It has been described as a doxing group that deliberately seeks out information on “racist trolls.” Her group has posted details about ‘racists’ or critics of the BLM movement online, including where they work as well as their names and the names of their friends and family.The website that their facebook page is linked to is all about racism yet it promotes “buying black.” Imagine if there was a website that promoted buying white? The howls of outrage would be deafening.

The Racist Trolls Reparation Team don’t see themselves as a doxing group and on their facebook page give an example of how they get a counter narrative out there.

Screenshot-Race Reparations Team FB page

Screenshot-Race Reparations Team FB page

– A St. Paul police sergeant was recently placed on administrative leave after he posted about running over Black Lives Matter demonstrators, and now, several activists are part of a local group on the lookout for other potential online abusers.
Racist Trolls Reparations Team insists they have a line of where commentary crosses into hate and racism and when they see public social media comments cross that line, they will make sure the user’s employer knows about it.

“Are you the social media police? No. No. No we’re not [the social media police],” Morisette Grazzini says. “I would say we are the journalists. We are providing information. That is all we are doing.”

screenshot-Race Reparations Team FB Page

screenshot-Race Reparations Team FB Page

Andrea Morisette Grazzini heads up the Racist Trolls Reparation Team, or RTRT. She describes her members as on the lookout for hateful trolls and language that might be construed to incite violence posted, often towards the Black Lives Matter movement. Morisette Grazzini then rattles off a letter to the employer with the posts attached and a gentle suggestion that someone else may be a better fit for the job.

Her group has sent out more than 60 of those letters in the last few months, with the group posting their alleged offenders on a publicly available database-style document.

screenshot- Racist Trolls reparation team FB page

screenshot- Racist Trolls reparation team FB page

“Freedom of speech ceases to become [that] when it’s hate speech,” Morisette Grazzini says. “There are laws against hate speech.”

One man on RTRT’s radar, whom Fox 9 agreed not to name publicly, says his employer recently received a letter from the group with a screengrab of one of his Facebook posts.

“It’s a wait and see at this point where I have my job in a couple of weeks or not,” He told Fox 9.

The man insists he isn’t racist, but acknowledges he wrote a short public Facebook post when Back Lives Matter announced their upcoming efforts to peacefully shut down the popular Crashed Ice event in St. Paul.


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  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    …and that WOULD comport with Facebook community standards?

    • Chinaman

      In the dim ”PC” free past in the States the unions would organise buy white campaigns and products would be labeled ”made by white labour”.It was when there was a big influx of Blacks from the South looking for work in the Northern industrial cities and the racist unions didn`t want the competition for labour.

      This is not very well known because a lot of our history is sanitised/censored by the left.

  • sandalwood789

    Oh, so they say they’re “journalists”. That seems to be the automatic “you-can’t-do-anything-to-me” card that people play when they do this kind of stuff.

    • XCIA

      That’s what happens when they give Press cards and journalistic diploma’s away free in corn flake packets.

    • kereru

      Being a ‘journalist’ seems to be akin to having Diplomatic Immunity these days. Were there to be a survey of the least trusted occupation, I think today’s self-described journalists would oust the much maligned used car salesmen for the honour of hitting rock bottom.

  • Ben

    I seem to recall CS writing to the Langham Hotel not so long ago after one of their employees posted something obnoxious on Facebook. I see no problem with this. If you publish extreme views you cannot complain if someone takes exception to them. It is up to the person’s employer to decide what action to take. As for the policeman who boasted about running over demonstrators, he deserves to lose his job, not least for stupidity in expressing those views publicly.

  • Chris Fleming

    Is that a lamp growing out of her head?

    • KatB

      I saw that too. I thought maybe it was her way of trying to come up with a bright idea.

  • Damon Mudgway

    It’s pretty cool how she feels it’s so important a white person looks out for the rights of those poor black folk. They prolly cannut do it demselves.

  • Red

    That’s fine looking broccoli in the Buy Black photo montage, lol.