Newshub reports homelessness is ?surging?, then exposes its own lie

Newshub continues to over-egg the supposed housing crisis. Of course, it is Maiki Sherman continuing to pimp the story, which features a Labour MP and two disgruntled people but no one from any other political party.

The story has all the hallmarks of a political hit job. Especially since it seems that Lisa Lorenzen, a school teacher, has a nice cosy relationship with Annette King, her local MP, and has appeared in stories involving the both of them before.

The country’s shame over the current homeless crisis has seen major public outcry, and the focus is now turning to Housing New Zealand.

There are currently more than 2500 Housing New Zealand homes sitting empty, with the Government looking at selling around 530 of its state properties.

The house at 100 Sidlaw St in Strathmore, Wellington is a two-bedroom state house with a heat pump and insulation. It boasts a massive front yard, all-day sun and “commanding views”. Well, at least that’s according to the sales pitch.

“This is a developer’s dream, so yes the Government could make money, but are they going to invest it in other social housing elsewhere?” says Liza Lorenzen, who lives next door.

Ms Lorenzen is furious Housing New Zealand is selling the property.

“If a developer bought this house or a first-home buyer invested and made this property better, it would raise the value of our own house. But we’re appalled because it’s a Housing New Zealand house and we know people want houses.”

The waiting list for social housing in Wellington has increased from 180 in March 2015 to 211 in March of this year. But Housing New Zealand says those people don’t want this house.

The nationwide wait list has dropped by 200, but there are still 4500 cases. There are 2500 state homes currently empty and 500-odd heading for the market. It’s got people like Ms Lorenzen asking questions.

The house in Strathmore will go to auction next month. Housing New Zealand says it’s looking at building more than 100 new units in Wellington City, but construction will take time.

So for those on the housing register, the wait continues.

Lisa Lorenzen seems to be quite the social justice warrior too, calling for boycotts of Bunnings.

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But the story conflates homelessness with waiting lists at Housing New Zealand and we find out that, while the waiting list in Wellington has grown, it has fallen nationwide.

None of those people will be homeless. They are all living somewhere. But look at the empty ones. Why won’t people live in them? Is it because they are in areas where they are no longer needed, or have our poor who need a house become very fussy? The house in Strathmore is empty because no one wants to live in it. You’d think that if you were desperate for a State house you’d consider anything. It certainly looks ok and is better than my first home that I bought in Wellington.

As I said, this has all the hallmarks of a political hit job, complete with a patsy whinger who seemed more concerned with the value of her own house, until she realised what she had just said.


– Newshub