Had a nice chat with Molly from Forest and Bird



A lovely young lady called Molly knocked on my door in Arkles Bay today. She works for Forest and Bird . After our conversation I promised to write an article to draw our readers attention to the good work that this not for profit organisation does.

Poor Molly had no idea whose house she was visiting and I had to shut the door to Cam’s office to stop him butting in with his views about Maui dolphins. One of the first things she talked about was how they are trying to save the Maui dolphins and how our fishing industry is responsible for them being endangered. I politely explained that we disagreed about that and how cat poo washed into our oceans was what was really killing the Maui dolphins.

When Molly left I went to the Forest and Bird website and read what they had to say about Maui dolphins. They want the government to ban set netting in the areas where the Maui dolphins live up to 100m depth which seems perfectly reasonable. They acknowledge on their site that it is net netting that is the main cause of Maui dolphin fishing related deaths. Here in Arkles bay Cam has been fighting the reintroduction of set netting and he has been in the local paper a couple of times because of it.

Molly explained that Forest and Bird are not just about trying to protect the Maui dolphin but do many other things. She talked about reintroducing the brown kiwi into Shakespear bay and planting thousands of native trees.

2014 Forest and Bird

2014 Forest and Bird

She also mentioned that they have saved a bird from extinction that was down to only one female. She said the bird now numbers around eighty and only time will tell if the limited gene pool will survive. She told me about the bird when I expressed the view that the Maui dolphin numbers are too low now to bring back from inevitable extinction.

I asked where the money they raise goes, as I said I did not want to support propaganda campaigns to damage our fishing industry. She indicated that the money goes on positive actions to help protect our native flora and fauna.

Molly was upbeat and enthusiastic and did a really good job explaining the good that Forest and Bird  do, so this post is my contribution towards to their fundraising and awareness raising campaign.

We all care about the environment no matter which side of the political spectrum we fall on. I value our wonderful native birds and trees and support organisations who want to protect and preserve them.


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  • Christie

    I support Forest & Bird for the most part. However, their interference in industry in the West Coast is unforgivable. Every time a mining project is proposed – no matter how much is promised for the environmental clean up – they drag it through the courts for as long as is possible – usually years. They are determined to force people into poverty to save a few snails that are not actually endangered anyway.

    • Usaywot

      And to be honest, would they world be any the poorer for the loss of a few snails that nobody ever sees?

      • The other Neil

        The more snails they moved, the more they found.

    • Disinfectant

      I cant forgive them fullstop.

      Eugenie Sage (now green m.p.) interfered in every resource consent application I made.

      Forest and Bird cost me a fortune during the nineties. I was prevented from making a living. She perceived me to be a rich prick ripe for plucking and a bringing down. Typical socialist thought process.

      And here she was getting paid everyday with Forest and Bird also being topped up by Government grants.

      Forest and Bird dont care about human beings unless it is themselves.

      And I am a conservationist.

      • jimknowsall

        What were your resource consents trying to do? For all we know you were wanting to clear fell Fiordland. I’m sure you weren’t though… :-)

        • Disinfectant

          I wish I could, but by doing so might disclose who I am.

          However I can assure you I was not proposing to touch any trees, squash any snails or destroy any bird habitat.

  • jaundiced

    I support Forest & Bird – again, for the most part.
    Every conservation group will attract its share of nutters, but as an organisation they are relatively pragmatic. They support science over nutters when it comes to the use of 1080. They get kids involved in getting out to experience the environment, have tree planting days etc.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It will take a massive door knocking campaign and an even bigger collection of weasel words to even start to convince the majority that the Bird & Bug brigade are other than blowflies. Always buzzing and leaving a mess in their wake.
    They do however get a prize for the most rapid evolution from inception to deception almost overnight.

  • JEL51

    That’s a laugh , I had no idea the Maui dolphin had either leaves or feathers.

    More seriously, there is nothing in the actions of the past to suggest F&B are anything but that another army of socialists, just dressed differently with their uniforms being swandri & boots, their weapons being spades.

    • Disinfectant

      There biggest and most obstructive weapon is an “Objection” to a resource consent application.

      Costs them 10 minutes to prepare and no further liability.

      The consequences for the applicant can run into thousands of dollars.

      And if no one thinks that this is the case, then try it.

  • duve

    I was a member of Forest & Bird for many years, was guest speaker at a couple of their branch meetings (I am a keeper and protector of NZ native reptiles), but resigned when they stopped being a conservation group and became political. Incidentally, National’s blue/green conservation strategy is pretty sound, and I don’t know why they don’t make more of it. The policies are better than anything the Greens have, and a bit of effort and a few dollars could conceivably halve the Greens’ current support, attracting the ones who are true conservationists rather than social engineers.

    • Gazza

      Forrest and Bird….’branch’ meetings….I see what you did there, funny.

      duve….You may able to answer this, why has a group called ‘Forrest and Bird’ stuck their noses into the ocean? When did that become part of their remit?

      • duve

        From memory, they have always had an interest in all wildlife, many birds are sea birds I guess. The turning point for me was when they started getting involved in Maori issues. Then came the anti mining brigade. I believe we need to facilitate mining, but sting the mining companies in the name of conservation. If we can get a wildlife reserve when mining of an area is completed, that’s a win-win in my book.

  • JeffDaRef

    If only F&B kept their focus on protection and rejuvenation of NZ flora and fauna, but too many times they veer into being a quasi-political entity like their friends at Greenpeace…

  • cows4me

    “She also mentioned that they had saved a bird from extinction that was down to only one female” . Ah, that well be the virgin Mary bird.

    • DangerMice

      1. Get bird to identify a male
      2. Obtain sperm sample
      3. Get bird to identify as female again
      4. Artificial insemination
      5. Saved!!!

      • cows4me

        So it was a transgender bird then? Case solved.

  • Whitey

    Molly sounds very nice and I have no doubt she means well, but I’m afraid I still regard Forest & Bird as an organization of parasitic Luddites who value birds and trees above human well-being.

    • jimknowsall

      I would value birds and trees above quite a few humans.

  • SFB

    Just as a matter of interest. Was Molly from NZ or possibly a tourist earning a percentage of the take? I’m very cynical with many of these ‘charities’ and their collection methods.

    • duve

      They do pay people to do this kind of work. If one knocks on your door, just ask if they are being paid. Then say you are considering donating, but first you need to see a balance sheet to know where your donation will be going. At that point they will usually thank you for your time and leave.

  • DynaMike

    Don Merton and his team from the NZ Wildlife Service (now DoC) saved the Black Robin from extinction, NOT Forest & Bird!

  • JustAnotherLurker

    I would not give F&B a brass farthing. They waste money on legal experts attending hearings in an endeavour to protect the ever encroaching expanse of Mangroves in Tauranga Harbour. F&B should be on the side of those wanting to restrict the mangroves to their historically documented extent rather than let the harbour become a huge mudbank.

  • As per usual, the doe eyed people that come to your door or button hole you on the street have a romantic view of it all.

    Sadly, at the top echelons, F&B are a politically motivated organisation that allows itself to drift into extremes where it places people last.

  • Nebman

    They have a nickname they hate – Twigs and Twitters… Pretty much sums them up actually.