“We are not intimidated and we will not back down, we are going to fight this and we are going to win.”


In yet another example of Western academics squashing freedom of speech, UC Irvine told student Republicans that they are suspended for an entire year. Their crime? They informed the administration of their plans to schedule a second event on campus with Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos. It is the culmination of  series of dirty tricks that the University of California have played on the Republican students.

The Universities academics and administrators have shown no respect whatsoever for a free marketplace of ideas. Like the two New Zealand academics and their health trougher mate who are currently trying to intimidate us here at Whaleoil, they only want one view allowed in the marketplace, theirs.

Nearly a month after their initial event with Milo, entitled “Social Justice is Cancer,” the College Republicans were asked to attend a debriefing with the Director of Student Life & Leadership, Darlene Esparza, and Associate Dean of Students, Sherwynn Umali, to discuss the planning process of the event. During the meeting, College Republican President Ariana Rowlands raised the possibility of Milo’s return to campus.Just four hours after the meeting, a UCI administrator sent the group an email to inform them they had suspended the club for an entire year.



Their justification for the ban was the group’s alleged failure to provide a certificate of insurance for the private security hired for the event to protect Milo. It means the group can no longer hold meetings, reserve rooms, plan events, or function as a club on campus in any capacity.

However, the need for a certificate of insurance appears to be an inconsistent requirement,  as the group previously hosted conservative pundit David Horowtiz, who also required private security, but the group were never asked to provide an insurance certificate, and were not penalised for not doing so. 

Furthermore, according to Rowlands, the administration claims that that Robert Petrosyan, Chairman Emeritus of the College Republicans, and the person handling administrative details for the first Milo event, received three warnings to provide a certificate prior to the night of the event. 

Rowlands says the administration have not been able to provide documentation of any of these reminders. Furthermore, Petrosyan says he was only informed of the requirement on a single occasion, which happened to be just one day before the event.  

Prior to the first Milo event on campus, UCI had already attempted to make life difficult for the College Republicans. They attempted to impose a additional $1,000 fee for hosting the event, making the false claim that the College Republicans were hosting the event with a non-UCI organization. The charge was eventually removed after being contested. 

Speaking to Breitbart, Ariana Rowlands said, “This is nothing more than a punishment for hosting Milo and a punishment and a deterrent for wanting to host him again.”

“We wanted his return to be a rally for young Republicans, just before the election, to invigorate and excite young conservatives to vote for the GOP. I told administration this, so it is clear that this suspension that comes during such a critical election year, is a political statement on behalf of UCI,” 

“They did everything they could to stop us from hosting him the first time, and now they want to make sure that we cannot host him again. It is a pity that the school I love deliberately sends a message to conservative students and clubs on campus, that we are not wanted here, that if you exercise your right to free speech, you will be punished, and you will be punished in such a disproportionately harsh way that it feels as if an attempt to try to exercise your free speech is futile.”

“We are not intimidated and we will not back down, we are going to fight this and we are going to win.”

The group attracted positive coverage from conservative media (including Breitbart) for their humour after they decided to distribute baby pacifiers to campus liberals planning a “safe space” before the first Milo event. The event itself was also widely covered across the media. But it seems that the administration is determined to make life difficult for conservatives on campus to engage in effective, headline-making activism. 

Strangely, UC Irvine have decided to enact this draconian punishment against the College Republicans… 


Milo Yianoppolous was so incensed by the way that the university treated the student republicans that he wrote this delightful response.

Typical of the slippery social justice types that have infested the collegiate power structure over the past several decades, they couldn’t just come out and ban the club. What they did, with a particular blend of emasculated weakness and sadistic bureaucracy, is to stop the club from holding meetings for a year.

But of course the entire point of the College Republicans is to hold meetings, so what is the difference from a total ban in practice? Nothing

In short, I’m cranky, and I’m taking it out on you with this list how of how the UC Irvine commissars could apply the same tactics they used on the College Republicans to other groups.

Islam: Islam isn’t banned, but you can’t force women to wear hijabs or murder gays. What’s the point?!

Black Lives Matter: BLM is welcome, but no throwing tantrums, destroying stuff, telling lies to blacks, or spreading conspiracy theories. WHY BOTHER?

Feminism: Feel free to be a feminist, but no hating men, repeating bogus statistics, or getting fat and piercing your septum. Eh?!!!

Bowling: Bowling is still allowed on UC Irvine grounds, but not with balls. Actually this won’t be a problem if the team is all UC Irvine administrators.

Asian Pacific Student Association: The APSA is welcome at UC Irvine, but no member may have Straight As. Wow, I’m almost as sadistic as the actual UC Irvine administrators!

Anime Club: The anime club will continue to meet on Monday and Fridays, but may not watch silly cartoons about schoolgirls, or welcome any members with autism.

Debate Club: Debate club will remain an activity on campus, but members may not disagree with anything said to them. If they accidentally agree with a conservative position they will be put on double-secret probation.

Robotics Club: This activity is now only available to students who sexually identify as robots. No actual robot building will take place.

Title IX complaints: The university will continue to seriously investigation complaints of sexual abuse and gender discrimination, but women alleging infractions will be required to have legitimate cases, evidence, and due process will be followed. (This one is a stretch even for me!)

Socialists: College socialists will be free to speak on campus, but will be stripped of all Apple electronics, have mommy and daddy’s care packages taken away, and pay $100 for a hamburger like their beloved comrades in Venezuela.

Vegans: Vegans are free to eat a diet completely free of animal products at UC Irvine, but are barred from telling a soul about their superior lifestyle — and especially not at length, the first time they meet them. Oh, the humanity!

La Raza: “The Race” can meet with all the campus radicals they want, but no interfering with the American political process, threatening citizens who have the audacity to attend a Donald Trump rally, and attacking police without consequence.

Football: The football team will remain an active part of campus athletics, but the offensive line is expected to complete their own finger-paintings, the rest of the team has to write their own term papers, and any players arrested on felonies need to pay their own bail.

College Democrats: Democrats will be required to meet often and publicly. No deleting your meeting minutes, students! This will be tough to stomach for anyone from the Hillary Clinton school of politics.

UC Irvine Alumni Association: The Alumni association will be an active organization, but only graduates of other schools that identify as trans-Irvine will be allowed into meetings.

Karate Club: UC Irvine has a proud tradition in the martial arts, which will continue without those discriminatory coloured belts. We live in an egalitarian society and no one is better than anyone else.

Choir: We welcome choirs at UC Irvine, but there will be no sopranos, no solos and especially no robes worn on stage.

3D Printing Club: This recent addition to UC Irvine will continue to explore new and exciting technologies using a standard Hewlett-Packard laser printer. Toner to be purchased by the club.

Bible Study: Ha! Just kidding, UC Irvine wouldn’t have anything as disgusting as an organized bible study class, especially during Ramadan, when it might be offensive…



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