Who is the most scandalous politician in New Zealand?

Scandal is beloved by Media, especially when it involves a politician. I searched through some dusty folders in order to find four prime candidates for New Zealand’s most scandalous politician.

In no particular order, I give you the following four politicians to choose from. Who do you think should be crowned New Zealand’s most scandalous politician? Who have I missed out?


  1. Ponytail-pulling John Key

Prime Minister John Key has dismissed his hair-pulling pranks as “a bit of banter”, saying he apologised to an Auckland waitress when it became clear his approaches were unwanted.

The waitress made the claims that Key repeatedly tugged on her ponytail  in an anonymous blog post. She is said to be a waitress at a Rosie, a cafe frequented by Key and his wife Bronagh near their Parnell mansion.

Labour says the incident did not match the standards expected of a prime minister, while the Green Party says Key’s behaviour was “weird” and showed he was out of touch.


Just one of the bad eggs that need to be exited

2.Pants-down Len Brown

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has said he… will not step down.

He appeared on TV3’s Campbell Live this evening just hours after news broke that he had had an affair with a junior council advisor – named as Bevan Chuang.

…Last April, Chuang appeared on Holy Cow Media’s Asian Radio Show talking about being single and Asian in New Zealand.

Chuang complained about “dodgy” men who wanted her to be “the mistress-type thing”.

“I don’t need to be someone’s toy really,” she said.

However, she later complained that Kiwi men, unlike Asian men, did not lavish gifts or money on their girlfriends.

…They allegedly had sex on council property and were once surprised by a security guard as they had sex in the Ngati Whatua Room at the Auckland Town Hall.


3. Corrupt Taito Phillip Field

Former MP Taito Philip Field appears for sentencing, High Court, Auckland, New Zealand, Tuesday, October 06, 2009. Credit: NZPA / David Rowland

Former MP Taito Philip Field appears for sentencing, High Court, Auckland, New Zealand, Tuesday, October 06, 2009. Credit: NZPA / David Rowland

Disgraced former MP Taito Phillip Field’s jail sentence shows no one is above the law, Labour and National politicians say.

Field has been jailed for six years, with the sentencing judge saying his offending threatened the foundation of democracy and justice.

In August the former Mangere MP was found guilty of 11 charges of bribery and corruption and 15 charges of attempting to obstruct or pervert the course of justice.

The charges were laid after he used Thai tradesmen to do work on his properties in Samoa and New Zealand in return for giving them immigration assistance.

Justice Rodney Hansen gave Field four years jail for the 11 counts of bribery and corruption.

He also gave two years for the 15 charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice, and the judge declared the four and two years will be cumulative, meaning that Field will spend a total six years in jail.



4. Paintergate Helen Clark

On the Sunday television programme last night she said she had not known the painting had been destroyed and she regretted it had happened. The destruction had occurred before it was known a police inquiry was under way.

Had that been known, she was certain it would not have been destroyed.

Mr English made his attack at the National Party’s annual conference yesterday, making full use of the inquiry into Helen Clark’s signing other people’s artwork to be sold for charities.

The painting at the centre of the inquiry was commissioned by a staff member for a charity auction in 1999, where it sold for $1000.

The police found there was a clear case of forgery to answer but decided it was not in the public interest to prosecute.

-A Newspaper



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  • Davydz

    My vote for auntie Helen, promise the world and rob you blind. Her picture says it all.
    Her photoshopped photo that is.

  • Dave

    For the fact he is still there, still taking his salary and doing nothing, the pensioner Mr Mallard, and as one example, scalping tickets and denying any wrongdoing

  • Sally

    I go for Len Brown. What he did wasn’t illegal but it was scandalous. Having an affair and then not managing to keep it private.

  • Bryan

    winston the one card wonder. what else has he done for all the trough he has taken over the years

  • Sagacious Blonde

    Winston’s scampi dinners and not repaying the $158k, all the while claiming the high moral ground has got to rate.

    All those involved in the Bill Liu citizenship for cash – no Patriotism there.

    Helen Clark gets my vote though

    • Andy111A

      I went to type Winston on my iPhone and it auto corrected to Einstein, that would be great for his ego

    • Raibert

      Helen, did she ever pay back the pledge card money?

      • Sagacious Blonde

        She changed the law to avoid having to do so.

  • kayaker

    Muldoon. No-one comes close.

  • Sally

    If you count Matt McCarten as a politician I would put him on the list – tax dodger and probably more to come out.

  • Sailor Sam

    The scandalously photo shopped Helen Clark.

  • taxpayer

    Crim Dot Com? OK he never made it to power but he did start a political party while facing extradition.

    • Jeff


    • The Fat Man

      The real crime there was the cover up.

      They never managed to identify the security guard, seriously????? Did they ever identify the security company.

      A good bargaining point for having a contract renewed.

  • Tom

    Not David Cunliffe?

  • STAG

    No Donna? State funded tummy tuck must surely rate?

    David Benson-Pope?

  • Mr Nobody

    Darren Hughes and his Swiss ball

    • spanishbride

      How on earth did I miss that one!

  • Time For Accountability

    Aunty Helen for changing the law so she could not be prosecuted. Darnton v Clark.

    • Mike Webber

      Agree, as she broke the law to win an election.

      • Time For Accountability

        Which in my view has the greatest magnitude of any issue described here.

  • Time For Accountability

    Aunty Helen for speeding through Canterbury.

  • JEL51

    Each photo brings out a different reaction in me. The top one was a positive ‘he’s on our side’ and shouldn’t be included with the other three.
    The second caused an immediate response…..laughter…. followed by a deep sense of disgust.
    The third produced an immediate feeling of someone being overbearing/intimidatory then uncertainty as to whether he deserved the jail term he received?
    The fourth I have to admit I actually loath (not good, I know, ) and what’s more I fear for what she may hold in-store. I can only hope she messes up & leaves the UN the same way she left her political party.
    So in conclusion, it Loopy Len that takes the prize

  • Time For Accountability

    Aunty Helen for the alleged USA incident and use of government resources for private purposes.

  • iera

    You missed Phil Goff

  • Cadwallader

    It speaks loud volumes that all of the Labour leaders since Helen don’t figure in this scale. Were their times at the top so brief and so boring that they couldn’t whip up a decent scandal?

  • Carl

    We don’t know who yet but when it comes out whoever was heavily involved in the dirty politics hack would be number one.

  • Forrest Ranger

    PDLB all the way. it was shameful the way he hung on to keep his nose in the trough after the Bevan Chuang affair. With regard to the others John Key was just a bit silly and it is probably no more than banter. Phillip Field is a crim pure and simple and was dealt with appropriately. I am no fan of Helen Clark but paintergate was just a beat up. PDLB all the way.

  • PhantomsDoc

    Annette King is always #1 for me.

    Her part in the Darren Hughes saga aside, while she was the Health Minister there was the awarding of a multi million dollar contract to her husbands business partner through “unusual methods” at the Hawkes Bay District Health Board.
    From memory the contract was awarded by the ministry where it is normally done by the board, then, when it became public they sacked the board.
    Then the Labour Government disbands the Serious Fraud Office (at the time it starts to look like there are answers to be sought) and hands that side of investigations over to the Police to deal with.

    Guess who suddenly then gets moved from the Health portfolio to become Minister of Police…you’ve got it, Annette King. Talk about getting the fox to run the hen house.

  • RockinBob625

    Len Brown for NOT standing down.

    But Annette King and co, for the Swiss ball affair. #nojustice

  • D.Dave

    Perverted Graham Capill takes the cake for me.

    • Hear hear.

    • Cynical Guy

      By a country mile. Child sex offender that represented a religious conservative party. Any person convicted of abuse of power as well. Awatere-Huata and Field followed by Len – mainly due to his obstinacy in remaining in office.

  • Chris Bell

    Hands down it’s Len Brown the biggest joke for a mayor we’ve ever seen in this town!!!!

  • OneTrack

    Len by a country mile.

  • venator

    Taito Phillip Field supersedes every one. The arrogance of the man. Another example of a “big time union boss” making it into politics and dicking the foundations of justice and morality. He lied the entire way through his court case. Hew deserved his time in prison. It is a pity we can’t deport the loser.

  • Jeff

    hands down – pants down

  • Gaynor

    Many years ago there was John Kirk (son of Big norm and Sydenham MP) he caused a lot of bother for quite a while. I wonder what happened to him.

  • XCIA

    Here’s the list as compiled by Farrar in 2012……..
    Colin Moyle, Moyle Affair 1977
    Duncan Macintyre and one other, Marginal Loans Board Affair 1980
    Keith Allen, reported fictitious assault, 1984
    Koro Wetere, Maori Loans affair, 1989
    Denis Marshall, Cave Creek, 1990s
    Neil Kirton, conflict of interest, 1997
    Murray McCully, Tourism Board, 1999
    Tuariki Delamere, conflict of interest, 1999
    Helen Clark, paintergate
    Dover Samuels, sex allegations, 2000
    Dover Samuels, public urination, 2005
    Phillida Bunkle, Marian Hobbs, accom allowances, 2000
    David Parker, company returns 2004
    Trevor Mallard, fighting, 2007
    Darren Hughes, alleged assault, 2011
    Lianne Dalziel, lying, 2000s
    Ruth Dyson, drink driving, 2000
    John Tamihere, Waipareira Trust, 2000s
    Taito Philip Field, bribery and corruption, 2005
    Winston Peters, undeclared donations, 2008
    Richard Worth, alleged assault, 2009
    Phil Heatley, expense claim, 2009
    Bill English, accom eligibility, 2009
    Pansy Wong, business travel, 2011
    Nick Smith, ACC, 2012
    Ross Meurant, conflict of interest, 1990s
    Ian Revell, parking tickets, 1998/9
    Harry Duyhoven, became foreign citizen, 2000s
    Various parties, illegal spending, 2005
    Several Ministers and former Ministers, expense disclosures, 2009
    David Benson-Pope, treatment of former pupils, 2000s
    David Benson-Pope, Madeline Setchell affair, 2000s
    John Kirk, unpaid debts, 1984
    Donna Awatere-Huata, fraud, 2000s
    David Garrett, previous offences, 2010

    • taxpayer

      Good list, maybe Mark Blumsky should be on it, for getting boozed, falling down and hurting himself then claiming he must have been assaulted but did not remember it. I then heard him on the radio claiming he must have seen someone smoking pot, said something to them and got bashed for it, although he could not actually remember, world class hypocrisy there.

  • Time For Accountability

    The underlying left theme and a few right ones is a self belief to entitlement.

  • seismac

    Theft by any method is still theft and Peters wins handsdown — he is still at it by pretending to be an MP

  • hookerphil

    Dear old Mick Connelly, Minister of Police, who had to front up when his son broke into a house (my brothers) and Burt Walker Minister of Transport who ended up too drunk to drive home from the West Melton Hall after a meeting.
    Ah, the good old days.

  • JLS

    Down trou brown gets my vote. The scandal is that despite everything he is still there. Anyone else would have been sacked after just one of the things he got up to, not to mention his own complete lack of integrity in the deeds, and then for not doing the honourable thing and resigning over his betrayal of trust to his employer and constituency. The man is lower than a mole in my book.

  • Chris Bell

    Damn Helen looks hot in that photo!!!

    • Barnacles2

      Blurp, I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth :(

    • Davydz

      You posted after a half dozen pints of dodgy Indian liquor Im guessing

      • Chris Bell

        Have you been spying on me cause how’d you know? Hiccup….

    • Big_Al

      Sorry Chris but you need to go to see SpecSavers.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Helen, mainly because there is probably much more corruption that we will never know about

  • SaggyNaggy

    The biggest scandal by far was when Steven Joyce maxed out National’s campaign spending in 2005 a week out, giving Labour a whole week of unanswered advertising and costing National the election. They were ahead in the polls before that, despite all the Exclusive Brethren nonsense.

  • Doug

    So what about Darren Hughes? The allegations against him must rank him higher than signing someone else’s painting, or pulling a pony tail

    • Rob

      I was waiting for his(Darren Hughes Pic to appear as he was the worst in my humble opinion.

  • old school

    It can only be Brown.

  • cyberspider

    Pants Down Brown. The guy’s arrogance and incompetence are astounding but his woeful judgement, failure to fall on his sword and his outrageous spending of ratepayer’s money are scandalous beyond belief.