Racist Australian job questionnaire forces applicants into a corner

Side profile of a lawyer and a witness on the witness stand

Side profile of a lawyer and a witness on the witness stand

When I was considering becoming a lawyer my Dad pointed out to me how questioning can be used to trap a person using a yes or no question. I thought that it wasn’t possible and challenged my father to trap me with a yes or no question. He said, ” Have you stopped beating your wife? ” I realised then that if the question or statement is flawed or rigged to begin with, it can be used to trap or frame someone as a bad person.
The same issue applies to this section of a questionnaire that was posted on facebook. They claim that it is a section of an actual questionnaire given to a job applicant in Australia recently. If what they claim is true then it is a terrible questionnaire and no matter how you answer it you will seem racist.


Image -United Patriots Front Facebook page

So a mate was given this questionnaire as part of a job application.
It’s basically a test on how ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ you are.
What would you say if you were given this?

-United Patriots Front ( FB)

Let’s look at the first question. It contains two parts. Firstly it assumes that ethnic workers are not as productive simply by asking the question. Secondly it expects the person answering the question to say how much the ethnic workers’ lack of productivity has affected them. Even if you select ‘very inaccurate’ you still have acknowledged that ethnic workers are unproductive. By selecting ‘ very inaccurate ‘ you have acknowledged that their lack of productivity hasn’t affected you personally. The person who created this questionnaire is either an idiot or a social justice warrior looking to prove that all Australians are inherently racist.


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  • Odd Ball

    Simply pick ‘Neither accurate or inaccurate’ for each question.

    • kereru

      I guess then you would be assessed as far too vague and woolly-minded to do the job. :-)

      • Odd Ball

        You are probably right, I’m more likely to write
        ‘This is an offensive question that presumes that I have a certain mindset. Therefore I refuse to answer it on the grounds that the assumptions made that lead to the question been asked are wrong.’

  • Seriously?

    But you could just respond “Neither Accurate Nor Inaccurate” to each question to show that you don’t think their ethnicity or gender have anything to do with the work performance.

    I don’t think it is a racist trap, perhaps more of an IQ test?

    • Kevin

      Doesn’t matter. You’re still implicitly “agreeing” that ethnic workers / women are useless.

      “The person who created this questionnaire is either an idiot or a social justice warrior”

      I’m putting my money on social justice warrior. The warped way they see the world can clearly be seen by the questions.

      • sonovaMin

        I would agree if it was a simple yes or no answer. Then you would have to show bias either way. But to neither agree or disagree is to remain neutral to the question which requires an answer.

  • lyall

    i would love to see the questionnaire they give the ‘ethnic workers’

  • Don O’Brien

    They can’t use “Very inaccurate” against you for answering a question like number 20, because they provided the choices.

    If you had written “Very inaccurate” as a free-text reply then yes, they might have something on you.

    The other thing is that even if a job-seeker is racist, they are not going to admit this by ticking “Very accurate”.

    If people have enough time before a job interview, they can go to web sites to find out what kind of results are being sought from personality tests.

    For example if you are going for a sales job, they want someone with an outgoing personality, so you go to a web site that tells you how to answer the questions.

    You will find me in the kitchen at parties – STRONGLY DISAGREE.

    • kereru

      Something is either accurate or inaccurate. How much is ‘very’ accurate? More accurate than accurate? Less than emphatically accurate?

      These kinds of rhetorical scenarios are far too vague to make a practical assessment of a person’s attitude to others, or their suitability for a hypothetical job. Surely much would depend on the situation, and on many other factors which play a part in the everyday interaction with other people.

      • Don O’Brien

        I agree. From my experience in applying for jobs, the best combo is resume, interview, referees and maybe pyschometric tests to give a “second opinion” . In someways you need to interview the referees as carefully as you interview the applicant. I work in IT so it common for there to be some kind of practical test as well as a demand to see samples of a person’s work such as websites that they designed.

        When I joined the Territorial Army there was a test of mental reasoning to assess your ability to think on your feet. Towards the end of the second Iraq war, the US Army was starting to have trouble recruiting enough soldiers so they started relaxing the rules around testing and started accepting “Cat 4s”

  • rua kenana

    Seems like one has to comply with someone or others standards of PC to be able to do anything at all these days.


    I would decide not to answer and forgo the ‘opportunity’ to apply for this position (whatever it is).

  • IainH

    So what employer allegedly used these questions? If unattributed then a large pile of salt may be required. Right baiting may be the true reason for this…

  • Anthony

    What is an “ethnic” worker?