Racist Australian job questionnaire forces applicants into a corner

Side profile of a lawyer and a witness on the witness stand

Side profile of a lawyer and a witness on the witness stand

When I was considering becoming a lawyer my Dad pointed out to me how questioning can be used to trap a person using a yes or no question. I thought that it wasn’t possible and challenged my father to trap me with a yes or no question. He said, ” Have you stopped beating your wife? ” I realised then that if the question or statement is flawed or rigged to begin with, it can be used to trap or frame someone as a bad person.
The same issue applies to this section of a questionnaire that was posted on facebook. They claim that it is a section of an actual questionnaire given to a job applicant in Australia recently. If what they claim is true then it is a terrible questionnaire and no matter how you answer it you will seem racist.


Image -United Patriots Front Facebook page

So a mate was given this questionnaire as part of a job application.
It’s basically a test on how ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ you are.
What would you say if you were given this?

-United Patriots Front ( FB)

Let’s look at the first question. It contains two parts. Firstly it assumes that ethnic workers are not as productive simply by asking the question. Secondly it expects the person answering the question to say how much the ethnic workers’ lack of productivity has affected them. Even if you select ‘very inaccurate’ you still have acknowledged that ethnic workers are unproductive. By selecting ‘ very inaccurate ‘ you have acknowledged that their lack of productivity hasn’t affected you personally. The person who created this questionnaire is either an idiot or a social justice warrior looking to prove that all Australians are inherently racist.