Red Claire comments on Little’s lies

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Red Claire Trevett has commented on Lying Little’s attack on, and failure to apologise to, John Shewan:

The Shewan report should have been a major victory for Labour. It vindicated the party’s criticism of the foreign trust regime and embarrassed the Government for its reluctance to look into the regime. It should have provided weeks of fun for Labour rubbing Key’s nose in it.

Sure enough, Little leapt on it with glee, singing paeans of praise for Shewan, his report and “his formidable, technical tax brain” in Parliament.

Alas, Little had bitten the hand that feeds. Only two months earlier, Little had questioned the choice of Shewan to undertake the review and made incorrect comments about Shewan’s work for the Bahamas. Little made the comments in April and they featured prominently in the media – as did Shewan’s denial.

It was a shabby and outrageous attack. Labour and Andrew Little think they can say one thing one week and quite another several weeks later, and that no one will join the dots.

It was not until two months later, on a dozy Saturday afternoon a few hours before the All Blacks were due to take the field, that Little put out a statement in which he said he accepted Shewan’s assurances that the media report Little had based his comments on was wrong. It was a half-hearted and begrudging effort at putting things right.

But it seemed Little had got away with it – until this week when he also claimed Shewan had not asked for an apology. Shewan promptly corrected him, providing the email in which Shewan had indeed asked for an apology after Little’s delay in retracting the statement.

Now it was Little’s turn to take a spin on the head of the pin, his spokesman arguing Little had been referring to his initial conversation with Shewan rather than any subsequent correspondence.

As of yesterday there was still an unhappy Shewan, a stubborn Little refusing to apologise and come Question Time we found that after just one day, Labour had also dumped the topic of the Shewan report and foreign trust reforms from its list of things to embarrass the Government over.

Lying Little is now dancing on the head of a pin, as Red Claire says. He should apologise to John Shewan.


– NZ Herald


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  • NZ_Stormer

    For a man who wants to lead the country – the lack of the ability to see one move ahead (let alone 3 or 4) is mind boggling. His incompetence is staggering.

    • NahYeah

      I’d love to play him at chess.

      • Uncle Bully

        Why? Do you like humiliating easybeats?

  • Caprice

    NO Andy – don’t do it! Dig your heels in like Mr Corbyn.
    As an aside, I do like the photo of ‘shifty’Andy, but you could have equally used the ‘gormless’ Andy photo, or even the ‘stunned mullet’ Andy photo in this instance..

  • Graeme

    Claire should have reminded the readers who brought the act in in the first place.

  • Christie

    Yes, this should have been a victory for Labour. But you need a competent and politically savvy leader for that. And Labour doesn’t have one of those.

  • Eiselmann

    Angry really is an idiot , he’s already put his hand up and acknowledge he was wrong, its not that big a step to say sorry, Its also the decent thing to do.

    And its the smart thing to do. By being unable to simply say sorry he is breathing life into this and showing what sort of man he is

    • NahYeah

      He can take lessons from Cunliffe: “I’m sorry, I’m just an Angry Little man”.

    • biscuit barrel

      It seems it was all a Gower beatup that the media piled in too.-newshub

      “Andrew Little has fronted up with a letter confirming John Shewan signed off on his final statement.” That was from last night. Paddy wasnt fronting that one!

      • rantykiwi

        Signing off on the statement doesn’t mean he’s had the apology he asked for.

        • biscuit barrel

          This is the timeline that shows Shewan was fine with it all

          June 14: Mr Little sends a statement to be checked by Mr Shewan before releasing to the public — it does not have an apology.

          June 15: Mr Shewan responds saying he accepts the offer to make a statement, provided it’s issued as a press release within seven days and that he is advised when it’s issued.

          He asks for one change — that the first words of the statement say “In April”, rather than “last month”.

          June 18: The statement is released.

          June 19: Mr Little’s office informs Mr Shewan that the release has gone out and links to media coverage. Mr Shewan thanks them.

          June 29: Mr Little gives evidence Mr Shewan gave tick of approval.