Red Tracy and Media party self importance

The Media party would have you believe that writing one story of about 450 words per day is onerous work…even harder when they are “on the run”.

But there may be an element of the old adage about idle hands making mischief as well; stories filed on the run mean there’s less scope for the news agenda to suddenly blow out of their control.

All of which is why Frank Bainimarama’s explosive speech hitting out at criticism of his administration very nearly didn’t get covered by New Zealand media at all.

Really? Could have fooled me, there were stories posted on all media site within 230 minutes of Frank Bainimarama’s hard hitting speech…so her claims of not covering it at all are somewhat specious. Plus moaning about an arduous flight on an Air Force C-130…spare me.

So when the state banquet happened after a long day in the Air Force Hercules, an official welcome and traditional sevusevu ceremony followed by a standup with the PM, the travelling media party were feeling the pressure of too much information and too little time, with a growing list of stories to update and file.

Really? Feeling the pressure. Oh the poor dears. what a bunch of precious prima donnas.  

 A quick canvass suggested some of us were mulling over whether to flag the speech making and head back to base to do some work.”

Really? They wouldn’t know work if it bit them on their ever widening arses.

 That is, until a wise head from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade gently reminded us it may be one of the few opportunities to hear Bainimarama speak during Prime Minister John Key’s 24-hour trip.”

Really? Any fool would have known that. Or did the Media party arrogantly think they could door step the Fiji PM like the do to NZ politicians?

 Bainimarama was playing to a domestic audience but it’s likely many in his own Cabinet were embarrassed by his speech.

Really? I doubt that. I was getting emails, texts and phone calls almost immediately after the speech from my contacts in Fiji, including cabinet ministers, who were ecstatic that Frank had manned up and kicked the Media in the slats.

Now for some home truths for Red Tracy.

First, the state banquet did NOT just happen – it would have been planned weeks in advance. Secondly, it was at the Grand Pacific Hotel and the food there is delicious. Thirdly, whose Foreign Affairs wise head was it? Fourthly, no well trained professional journalist would ever miss the opportunity to witness the speech that has been 10 years in the making to go back to base to do some work. What work? Maybe like writing about the toilets at the Grand Pacific Hotel compared to the toilet in the Air Force Hercules? Fifthly, going on Red Tracy’s twittering that night she is not being at all truthful. She was annoyed that her phone was going flat just before John Key’s response – she hated that happening. Sixthly, the way the NZ Media Party have been carrying on this week I reckon it was them that Frank playing to! And WHO exactly in Frank Bainimarama’s cabinet were embarrassed by the speech? Did Tracy Watkins talk to the Cabinet members? “Likely” is a mischief making word. Such a silly thing for a supposedly reputable journalist to say.

And finally – the last statement in Tracy Watkins’ opinion and the excerpts above prove what a biased ill informed lot some of the journalists who went to Fiji are.

In refusing to let Key leave with any diplomatic wins, however, Bainimarama has made it unlikely there will be a return visit to the Island nation any time soon.


Has John Key told Tracey Watkins that he won’t go back or is she telling him what to do?

Perhaps if the Media wrote about actual happenings instead of moaning about how hard their life is we might, just might, respect them…somehow I doubt it though, it is all about them and not anyone or anything else.



RAW: Tracy Watkins Twitter stream



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  • oldmanNZ

    To flag the speech, as that was the whole point of the trip, and go back to do some work?
    One would wonder why she bother going at all, her story was more about her trip than the story she was supposed to cover.

    The nzherald is becoming more like a Facebook page with reporters telling us what they doing, next she be posting pics of her food.

  • Sally

    Surely if you are part of the press covering the PM visit 24hr visit to Fiji you would follow him for the next 24hr including camping outside his hotel room encase he goes for a swim in his dressing gown. Not rush back to your hotel and raid the mini bar and do some ‘work’.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Oh come on Sally, have some sympathy she had the traumatic event with the bucket to overcome!

  • Rebecca

    Is there more than one version of Bainimarama’s speech? In the version I read published in full on WO, seems to me that Bainimarama gave Key a simply recipe for getting along. Which is consistent with what Key has said since. Bainimarama also gave the MSM a recipe for reporting on Fiji without being blocked.

    Lets not forget that the NZ BSA found that one of the two blocked NZ journalists, had indeed misreported events in Fiji as Bainimarama claimed. The other is hardly a saint: in the same timeframe, the NZ BSA also found against her, over biased reporting in Samoa rather than Fiji. The Samoan PM observed there are some journalists who go around making false reports to create mischief. Presumably he must be a liar too which is why the MSM seemed not to report those comments in NZ.

    What’s the recipe to overcome Bainimarama’s stern refusal to allow the two blocked NZ journalists back? Hint: if he’s a strongman as you insist, then attacking him never ever ever will succeed.

    For my own benefit regarding the piece about grass:
    1) Is it true that the kids were gathering grass because there is no fuel for the lawn mower?
    2) Why did the school have a lawn mower?
    3) Is it true that the kids had empty bellies as they were made to mow a field by hand?
    That’ll do for a start.

  • Odd Ball

    I hereby nominate Whaleoil staff for a Queens honour for services to sanity.
    Reading and reporting on low quality MSM rubbish, so that others don’t have to risk their sanity, high blood pressure, and other health risks.

  • cows4me

    No wonder they’re upset, a trip to Fiji and no chance to go shopping on the high street, oh the humanity . All those lovely sarongs, the jewellery, the souvenir shops, something must be done so this doesn’t happen again.

    • OneTrack

      Angry wouldn’t have done that to them.

  • MaryLou

    Off to the hotel to do some work – heh, rather hard to do, one would have thought, if you can’t be bothered hanging around for the opening address of a very important occasion – AND the entire purpose of the trip.

    • niggly

      The entire purpose of the trip (as always with the MSM nowadays), is to cover John Key in case he makes a “slip up” or someone attacks/criticises/protests against him.

      With none of those likely to happen at a “state controlled” state banquet, the MSM would be thinking they could afford a night off and go back to their hotel and “write up some stories” (in amongst a few drinkies in an exotic setting – their self-justified reward after spending hours lumbering along cattle class in a C-130, you see darlings)!

      But alas none of that happened (gripe #1)! Instead for once in their lives a PM lashed them (gripe #2) and held them to account (gripe #3 – the ultimate sacrilege)! So it was poisoned penned articles afterwards (the revenge of the humiliated MSM)!

  • biscuit barrel

    Phone going flat ?
    This 2016 not 1995. Quick recharge USB battery packs are available for phones, essential for those who rely on them. Well that would be for ‘professionals who rely on them’
    or she could be like Hillary and have two phones. This is more likely so that means shes B*S* us all, when she was too drunk to do her job.

    • Mike

      Or maybe, I don’t know… use a pen and paper.

      Didn’t shorthand used to be a requirement for reporters so they could take notes?

  • Dave of the West Bank

    WhaleOil should have a system where we can rate the post, ‘cos I’d give this one a 10!

  • LesleyNZ

    The Media Party are going to be really, really cross now. Apparently in Suva they all very happy with the visit and John Key got on really well with everyone. The media are the ones who are the unhappy chappies. Their plan backfired. I reckon John Key will be back again in the near future. I wonder if John Key is secretly pleased with the telling off the NZ media got – what Frank Bainimarama said they did/do, they do to John Key here in NZ. No Tracey Watkins – this visit has been the most successful visit to Fiji by a Prime Minister. When media paint a picture of negativity and gloom like they have done with this recent visit – we know all has gone well behind the scenes.