Bennett outed, Bennett outed and a Wright mess. However, how did RNZ know?

I made it up, so what...

It’s all on now….

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett has been criticised for a leak of information from her office about a police investigation into Te Puea marae chairman Hurimoana Dennis.

The marae has taken it upon itself to house some of Auckland’s homeless.

The information was given to a journalist by one of Ms Bennett’s staff members.

So who are the people involved?


Ex-NZ Herald parent company journo, Lucy Bennett (no relation)

Paula Bennett refuses to say, but it is likely that Lucy Bennett was at the cafe meeting where Hurimoana Dennis told her he was under police investigation.

Lucy then passed that information onto TVNZ reporter Rebecca Wright during a phone call.

Lucy says she acted on her own in leaking the information, claiming she thought it was already in the public domain. She offered her resignation, but it was not accepted.   …/…

The TVNZ journalist Paula Bennett’s press secretary leaked to was Rebecca Wright – a journalist with whom the Social Housing Minister has crossed swords in the past, including taking an unsuccessful complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.The minister’s press secretary told Ms Wright about a police investigation into the handling of a case by Te Puea Marae chairman Hurimoana Dennis, after Mr Dennis informed the minister about the matter in a private meeting last week.

The police investigation is not a criminal investigation into Mr Dennis personally, who could not be immediately reached for comment today.

Opposition MPs have claimed that the press secretary, Lucy Bennett, must have passed on the information with the minister’s permission. Paula Bennett has denied this, saying the first she knew about the leak was when a Radio NZ reporter asked her about it on Tuesday.

She has described the leak as inappropriate and has apologised to Mr Dennis, who is on leave from his role as police inspector and iwi liaison officer while the investigation is underway.

RNZ was the first to ask the minister about the leak. It is not known how RNZ found out about it.

TVNZ and Radio New Zealand? Would be hard to avoid the conclusion that the Panama Papers Joint Venture is still at work.

Rebecca Wright

Rebecca Wright

So why is all this happening?

Paula Bennett had run-ins with Ms Wright in 2010 and 2011 when the reporter worked for 3 News in the Parliamentary Press Gallery. Broadcasting Standards Authority archives show that Wright is the only journalist the minister has lodged a formal BSA complaint against.

In 2010, Paula Bennett took Ms Wright to the BSA over a story about claims the minister had offered money to solo mother Natasha Fuller to drop a privacy complaint.

Ms Fuller later admitted she had made up the claims, which were contained in online messages to a friend obtained by TV3. The BSA case was struck out by the High Court on technical grounds before the BSA made a decision on its merits.

In her complaint to 3 News, Paula Bennett said the allegations were “malicious, completely without merit and … [potentially] defamatory,” and Ms Wright had treated her unfairly, including refusing to show her the messages containing the claims.

In 2009, Paula Bennett had released details of Ms Fuller’s income from benefits to the Herald after Ms Fuller spoke out against cuts to the Training Incentive Allowance. That case is being cited by the Opposition as evidence Ms Bennett has a track record in releasing personal information for political purposes.

In 2011, Ms Wright investigated the Ministry of Social Development’s Community Max scheme, which embarrassed Paula Bennett and the department and prompted a complaint from MSD to the BSA, which was not upheld by the BSA.

There are some major breaches of ‘code’ here, with journalists exposing sources, and then exposing each other. So far nobody’s career has ended because of it, but it has all the makings of a Red Wedding.

The Herald even throws Paula Bennett under the bus as being one of their sources on a previous leak.

The really curious thing is that Labour and the Greens are giving Paula Bennett a free pass in Question Time today.


– various sources, including NZ Herald, TVNZ, Newshub and others


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  • Sally

    Link with RNZ. Rebecca Wright worked with John Campbell on TV3 Campbell Live. She might as well go and work for RNZ – would be better suited.

  • Sid_Holland

    Why would anyone in Paula Bennett’s office go out of their way to feed that ‘sheep worrier’ Rebecca Wright anything. Even more amazing is a press secretary who doesn’t know whether something is in the public domain or not before she gabs to a journo. How long has she been in the game for???

    • [MOD] can you remove the unnecessary description of Ms Wright please.

  • Annoyed

    A couple of questions:
    Is Lucy Bennett a member of the Union and if so, how high up is she (I know, conspiracy theory but would explain why the Left aren’t attacking)?
    Also, if Paula Bennett was to use the media to attack an opponent, why would she use someone she knew would stab her in the back?

  • Greg M

    I’m getting the feeling that something big is about to blow up. This little sideshow was clearly done deliberately to distract and for once Labour and the Greens can see through it.

    • Unlikely, Labour and the Greens can’t see through a clean window.

    • Kiwiracer

      I commend the Marae for coming forward and doing what they are, however if you have a bit of grey stuff hanging around you personally wouldn’t you want to keep a low profile and let someone else be the “public face”?

  • LesleyNZ

    Hmmmm – Rebecca Wright eh? Lots of questions and some answers. Could it be a case of a woman scorned? Maybe. Is Rebecca Wright a journalist who you could trust with your information? I really don’t think so. Why on earth did Paula Bennett’s press secretary pass on information to Rebecca Wright? Who knows? Has she done it before? Don’t know. Are Rebecca Wright and Lucy Bennett pals? Don’t know. Then mix in the last sentence to this post “The really curious thing is that Labour and the Greens are giving Paul Bennett a free pass in Question Time today.” Methinks there is a lot more to this saga than just a case of loose lips which sink ships. Surely this was not a set-up or a case of pay back? Am I reading more into this than what the reality is? Something sure “don’t” add up here though.

  • Wheninrome

    Very confusing with the same names. I suppose it could be accurately said that Bennett leaked the information, just which Bennett is the question getting everyone excited.

  • shykiwibloke

    Outing themselves and each other is somewhat akin to the old saying “no honour amongst thieves”. Perhaps we will see the same sort of loyalty shifts when the whole stolen WO data saga finally comes out as it will sooner or later.

  • biscuit barrel

    A storm in a teacup.

    Not so sure that Bennett was given a free pass in house today
    7 PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister for Social Housing: Does she stand by all her statements?

    Phil will have his best furrowed brow look on but who will care ?

  • herewego

    Let them try – I don’t read the “stories” any more – might glance but – its all rubbish.

    I’m still trying to work out who Naz is and why I would care. She’s well past 15 mins of fame.

    • Michelle

      l don’t read the fairy stories anymore but some people do listen to the stories, sadly

  • oldmanNZ

    there is one thing all common in all of this.

    women gossips like motor mouths.

    are all involved women?

  • Keyser Soze

    I’m trying, but I can’t get excited about this. It’s all too beltway. I expect most voters switched off to it before the news broadcast have finished.