It seems Newshub has a moderation problem too

This screenshot is from Newshub’s Facebook page and shows that they allow calls to assassinate John Key to live for quite a while on the page.

newshub death threat

The post was also liked by three others:


According to his Facebook profile, Stefan Gutteridge, it appears works for a relation at the Pits Media, where Jason Gutteridge is a shareholder and director.

Pits Media makes motor racing videos, and includes reasonable sized companies as their sponsors, like Mag and Turbo, Hirepool, Brown & Syme and Mainfreight.

I’m not sure that they’d want their brand associated with smack talking idiots who want to kill the Prime Minister.

One commenter added:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.32.11 PM

I put 5 questions to Newshub but as at publishing have not had the courtesy of a response. This is what I sent to the Newshub media spokesperson for comment:

I have a few questions regarding Newshub and moderation policies on social media, in light of recent rulings by OMSA on such social media pages run by media organisations like Radio NZ and Newshub.

1. Does Mediaworks/Newshub have a published moderation policy for social media site likes Facebook?
2. If there is a policy what is unacceptable to be published on social media sites under Newshub’s control?
3. Does Newshub employ a full time moderator for checking social media sites that you control like Facebook.
4. If there is a full time person, or even a part time person what guidelines do they operate under?
5. What would be an acceptable timeframe to remove offensive comments from your social media pages?

Newshub took more than 2 hours to remove the offending comment but have never responded to my questions. Perhaps I should go doorstep them like they do to me?

Meanwhile I wonder if they would like to apologise to John Key.


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  • sheppy

    As ever it’s always ok when the left do it, nothing to see here… Sigh
    But publish a cartoon on here and the end of the world is nigh!

  • Catriona

    Nope. Don’t hold your breath on this one. We thought we saw everything when we had the ‘burn the JK effigy’ at the last election. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if things become very much more out of control as far as the anti JK army go in the lead up to the next election (aided and abetted by Newshub?).

    • Boondecker

      Fine. If that’s the case, quid pro quo?

      I’m simply not going to purchase anything from their sponsors, Mag and Turbo, Hirepool, Brown & Syme and Mainfreight. I have purchased goods from Mag and Turbo and hired stuff from Hirepool. Never again – unless they detach themselves from supporting the likes of these dangerous threatening people.

      • gander

        Before you do that, why not just contact one or more members of Mainfreight’s Board of Directors and let them know your views?

        I suspect they’ll be as unimpressed by Mr Gutteridge’s comments as you and I are.

        • Boondecker

          No real need to make the effort to contact those directors, the way I see it. They’ll find out about this article on WO soon enough. They will be left in no doubt of people’s concerns just reading this.

  • Ross

    I can only hope the Diplomatic Protection Squad pay this joker a visit to ascertain just how serious he is about assassinating our PM!

  • Curly1952

    The police should be doorstepping this dunderhead. I can’t believe that anyone would write this rubbish on or in any media. I could imagine what the yanks would be doing – this guy would already be being grilled by the Feds

  • jimknowsall

    Loving Prudi’s response though.

  • XCIA

    These cretins want to deprive the PM of his life and are quite happy to put in print for all to see. Where is that idiot from the HRC now and why have the police not charged the writers. Threatening to kill is an offence under the Crimes Act, 1961.

  • willtin

    I trust the Police have responded immediately, assuming they have knowledge of the post. At the very least, I expect the individual will be vetted for potential possession of firearms or other potential weapons, and should they possess a firearms licence, that it is rescinded pending further investigation. Yeah Right!

  • Genevieve

    This idiot was in court in January this year and given a nice black ankle accessory by Corrections. They really should have an update on how one of their ‘stars’ is doing.

  • niggly

    Mind you that response from Prudi sure did smack Gutteridge up and put him in his place! What a great answer from her, vote, we live in a democracy.

  • kayaker

    Do these people even think before they post such vile comments that the person they are posting about has a family? This is appalling!

  • Nige.

    We are miles ahead of any other news organisation.

    Tony veitch was having a whinge about being contacted by the mother of a girl the other week and how she begged him to go looking through HIS OWN thread looking for cyberbullying.

    He said “I never look at my page”

    Well why bloody have it?

    • Lux

      He is too stuck up with own self importance !!

  • Dave

    If you are to doorstop them, you will firstly need, a producer, a repeater dressed like Lisa Owen, and a chaser videographer, a sound man, and a couple of heavies in case it goes pear shape. Of course the videographer will deny ever being there.

  • newzeal

    Moderation is great if the comments can be kept unpublished until they have been checked, but no such thing exists with Facebook given Zuckerburg’s enthusiasm for us sharing everything in our lives including every vile pus of worms…