Seriously? NZ Police are insisting public carry concealed weapons


You have to wonder about the state of this nation when the Police have to warn geeks going to Armageddon to conceal their”weapons” just in case the general populace think that we really are being invaded by Sith Lords and Stormtroopers.

Police have warned those attending Armageddon 2016 events this long weekend to cover fake weapons to avoid public panic.

Armageddon Expo is a science fiction and comics convention held in various cities throughout the year, and this weekend’s event is being hosted at Westpac Stadium in Wellington.

Many of those attending the expo, which has been dubbed the Wellington Geek Event, arrive dressed in costumes which may include accessories such as fake weapons.

While they were fake, they looked real, police warned this evening.

Yeah because blasters and light sabres are real?

“Those attending the festival are asked that they be careful when they are walking to and from the events around Wellington and that they carry these ‘weapons’ with care so as not to scare members of the public.”

Police had already today been called to Porirua after a man travelling to the expo was seen carrying a fake weapon.

“Although his actions in this case were innocent, police were called to investigate.

Call-outs such as this can often tie up police resources when this is not necessary.”

FFS, some people are pathetic. The Police should tell the complainers to get a life and get a grip.

What next? An accusation that John Key is a Sith Lord who reports to Palpatine?


– NZ Herald


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  • Michelle

    some members of the public are so removed from what NZ used to be like that they are just pathetic and getting worse

  • AWB

    From Stuff.

    “An international student at a private school was “removed” after bringing a “replica weapon” onto school grounds.It is understood police were contacted after the incident involving a Year 12 student at Kristin School on Auckland’s North Shore this week.The school’s senior principal David Boardman issued a letter to parents on Friday where he said the incident was “of great concern”.”

    When I was in Forestry we used to carry rifles without all this attention. The wowsers are in full control.

    • Stable Max

      I guess I’m in deep trouble the next time I ride my V8 bike…

  • Wangas Feral

    When I was a lad….like about fifteen or sixteen…..we used to go hunting in the ranges and hitchhike to and from home with our rifles slung alongside our packs. No one, not even the cop who once stopped to give us a lift (dead dear included), ever worried. Simpler times.

    • ex-JAFA

      About the same age, I walked down a major road in rush hour traffic with a rifle casually slung over my shoulder. Not an eyelid was batted. And to be fair, I had actually broken into a house (my uncle’s) and taken it without permission.

  • Isherman

    “I’m very sorry ma’am, were going to have to ask you to conceal your minigun”….yeah, cos that’s easy to do isn’t it. Sheesh.

  • Whitey

    These police officers obviously don’t have enough to do. I’m sure there are some burglaries they could be investigating.

    • The Fat Man

      What burglaries????

      There are mums and Dads to ticket, not to mention wicked, naughty, nasty Camper vans to investigate.

  • MaryLou

    No, John Key is a reptilian overlord. Some people have such short memories.

    Or maybe, he’s erasing peoples memories, and it’s actually part of the plot…

  • Andinz

    The police are obliged to investigate firearms complaints. Imagine what would happen if a complaint about a real gun was not followed up. The police just do not need hysterical complaints about plastic replicas of nasty-looking weapons.
    We are in a different world to yesterday, and one where terrorists are not on the decline.

  • cows4me

    It’s the years of Liberal brainwashing coming home to roost. This is a perfect example of the mindless, dripping wet, hand wringing two bobs that now infest our cities jumping at shadows. You’re dead right they need to get a life but this is what our society has become. The masses are now so conditioned that anything that could possibly be seen as an evil firearm must be reported to the authorities at once. The sheep will be lining up for their own slaughter one day.

  • pisces8284

    Years ago in the UK my husband bought a pale blue wooden box with numbers stamped on it from the Army & Navy Store that he used as a toolbox. He was tinkering with his car parked in the street (garages? never heard of them in those days) when he was approached by a policeman. Hello hello what have we here. Someone had rung the police as they thought it was an ammo box

  • The Fat Man

    Yes “John Key is a Sith Lord who reports to Palpatine”

    Jedi Knights are suspicious of the emperor.

    The Police have created this problem with their past over reactions.

    Ask the caller are they acting aggressively, towards anybody, in any way. Yes/No

    Are they pointing the thingy at you. Yes/No

    If no tell them it is OK , call us if there is any change.

  • Tinia

    The police empower the complainers by following up on their complaints, out of fear of something/anything going wrong and the police getting the blame. The police have been emasculated by the cowardice of a few, and the cya mantra has now become an excuse not to do anything about anything.

  • David Moore

    It Steam Punk weekend in Oamaru, I imagine the armed offenders squat is swamped with hysterical calls about flamboyantly dressed middle aged pepole carrying brass ray guns

    • Rightsideofthebed

      As a matter of fact Dave, we are all nice and relaxed down her in the South. Don’t have any Wellington like namby-pamby’s who can’t distinguish fantasy from reality – ie half the civil service, green voters etc, so isn’t seen as an issue.

  • Doug

    Now, what is the wowsers view… possibly someone could disguise their real weapon as a fake one and cause havoc by shooting up the expo? Sounds pretty far fetched, but no less so than some of the health and safety calls I have heard lately

  • andrewo

    Is that a light sabre in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

  • JLS

    Simple answer would be to make it legal to carry firearms- no more complaints. Could you imagine the apoplectic handwringing and outrage though, would be worth it just for the entertainment value.

  • WeaselKiss

    Love it.
    Some years ago when flatting with a mate in Ranui, we sowed some new grass seed on the lawn.
    For the scarecrow my mate got an old door, propped it up with a broken broom handle and draped a full length oilskin (raincoat) over the ‘shoulders’ of the door.
    We then left for work.
    That night as we arrived home a cop car was just leaving. The cop said they had had a large-ish call out because some busybody had seen someone standing on our lawn with a firearm….
    And don’t get me started on the full-on AOS callout that converged on another mates place because he was spotted walking around with a piece of gun barrel-like tubing.
    Mind you he was actually in the process of making a homemade blunderbuss.
    Heh, minor point.

  • taxpayer

    Please do not put your Chewy costume on until you get to the venue, some idiot might run around screaming that there is a big hairy beast on the loose in Wellington, thank you the NZ Police.

  • Mark156

    must be to appease all the people from the UK