Shabby hit job on Joyce by Newshub. Why does anyone trust them?

I’m no fan of Steve Joyce, but Newshub delivered up a shabby hit job on Joyce last night.

New Zealand has jumped from 12th in the world to fourth in the latest OECD rankings of adult literacy.

Thirty-three countries were surveyed, with Japan coming it at number one, followed by the Netherlands and Finland.

But when asked which countries New Zealand had beaten, Tertiary Education, Skills, and Employment Minister Steven Joyce had to consult his advisor in the middle of Newshub’s interview.

“Can you give me the list if he wants to do this bit. Can we do the list?” he said while the camera was still rolling. ??

After consulting his press secretary, Mr Joyce attempted to answer the question again.

“The only ones we don’t beat are Japan, Netherlands, and the Finlands (sic). So we’re ahead of Australia which is fantastic. Not that we’re competitive,” he says.

When it comes to numeracy, New Zealand isn’t as impressive, coming in 12th.

What a shabby, dirty media hit job.?Joyce clearly assumed it would be cut from the pre-recorded interview. But these despicable Newshub journalists just used a good news story about improved literacy levels to perform a shabby little hit job on Steve Joyce.

I thought Lloyd Burr was better than that. No wonder no one trusts the media. Steve Joyce?shouldn’t either.

Though I guess once you’ve had a hit from a dildo to the face, the rest doesn’t seem that serious.