Size of Auckland Ratepayer Alliance shows depth of feelings against Auckland Council

Us New Zealanders aren’t easily moved off the couch.? It has to get to a point where we are really, really pissed off.?? Here’s a sign that has happened.

The Ratepayers? Alliance is now the most popular political group in Auckland, with more than 16,000 Aucklanders having signed up, as of today. The Alliance, which launched last year, has seen?a membership surge since its recent leaflet campaign?to 72,000 housholds in the North Shore and Albany Wards. The campaign exposed the?additional waste charges for residents, and those Councillors responsible for voting in Len Brown’s 9.9% rates increases.

The group’s?spokesperson, Jo Holmes, says:

“With?membership passing?the 16,000, the Ratepayers’ Alliance is now larger than the?nationwide membership of the?Labour Party?and the National Party’s membership?base here in Auckland.?We have been overwhelmed with people who want yard signs, to deliver pamphlets and generally spread the word.”

“The dramatic growth is evidence that regardless of their political persuasion ratepayers have simply had enough of the Council?s wasted?spending, high rates, high debt, agenda.”

“The message is clear: those ten councillors who voted for Len Brown?s budget need to be held to account.”

Aucklanders, regardless of whether they own property or are renting, are encouraged to join the campaign at

Raw data (as of today):

Membership: 16,003
Financial contributors: 745
Volunteers: 595

Pantsdown Brown is already a footnote in history.? But the most important part is to get rid of his enablers.? Auckland may not be able to stop Phil Goff from getting a seat at the trough, but we can certainly make sure he ends up in hostile territory.