SMH late to cotton on that Kim Dotcom hasn?t been doing nothing

Get used to Orange fatty

Get used to orange fatty

Kim Dotcom is a braggart, he likes to give hints about his “capabilities”.

The problem is his one capability he actually excels at is stuffing food into his gob.

However the SMH has picked up something our readers picked some time ago.

Did Kim Dotcom warn the world?the Democratic Party hacking was coming?

Megaupload founder?Kim Dotcom said in 2015 that he knew of information that was going to create an obstacle for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election bid.

Kim had tweeted that he would be Hillary’s “worst nightmare in 2016″. When pressed on the matter in a 2015 interview, he said WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange would in fact prove a bigger thorn in the side of Hillary:?”I’m aware of some of the things that are going to be roadblocks for her.”

Assange?”has access to information”, Kim said,?without elaborating. ?

“If I can provide some transparency with these people,” he said referring to Assange, “then I will be happy to do that.”

Last week a hacker going by the name Guccifer 2.0 released what appears to be?the Democratic Party’s opposition research?on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump as well as financial reports and donors’ personal data. It has since produced more reports purporting to be about?Hillary Clinton’s donors.

While hacks of US presidential campaigns have happened before, the prospect of hackers -?especially ones backed by a foreign nation?- dumping US election-related?data during the campaign?for the global public’s consumption is new.

Kim’s warning suggested evidence of such an attack was available months before the event was revealed.

Guccifer 2.0 said his hacking effort was underway for almost a year. Based on the nature of the attack, independent researchers in the US concluded the hack was conducted by or for the Russian government.

And Assange, who now reportedly holds the rest of the DNCHack information, says more information will soon be released.

When contacted about future data releases, WikiLeaks replied only: “We have a very big publishing year ahead.”

Asked this week via social media if the damning information Assange claims to have on Hillary’s campaign comes from “Russian hacks”, Kim replied: “No comment.”

No comment? This fat bastard loves to comment, now he is silent? Reminds me of just after Dirty Politics was released…he was all no comment then too. He was all no comment as well after his Moment of Truth blew up in his giggling stupid face.

The problem Kim Dotcom has is that he is like a pensioner with a prostate problem…he never delivers.

I can’ wait to see him wearing orange…it’s the new black apparently.


– Fairfax