Someone seems to have a name recognition problem


You know you are in trouble when no one, not even the media, knows who you are…and call you someone else, confusing you with a bloke.

The wheels are coming off Vic Crone’s campaign too.

Former fixer Joe Davis has been given the arse-card due to extremely poor deliverables and a lack of communication. Policy analysts who were working with the Crone camp before Christmas have quietly disappeared fearing reputational damage. Money has dried up or not arrived, with the initial $50,000 in donations disappearing for no apparent gain. Sean Topham, the former Young Nats president, has decamped to the US to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign. That leaving Josh Beddell, who is a nice guy but is so wet that he is never going to set anything on fire – let alone the world. 

Money for campaigns is a real issue in Auckland. Phil Goff can’t get donors to open their wallets as they think he will win without their money, and they are telling Vic Crone that she is a flake and can’t win so the wallets stay shut there. It seems no one is interested in her “conversations”. John Palino is getting the same message: you can’t win so no money.

Ironically, there are rumours of two polls in Auckland. One, believed to be for Phil Goff, shows him in front with around 35%, and Crone and Palino a distant but equal second. The second poll seems to be on name recognition. Goff leads that, as he should, while John Palino is a creditable second with 65% recognition. Vic Crone has only 35% recognition, which explains why even Radio NZ can’t recognise her.

Word has it that Vic Crone hasn’t even polled at all.

The architect of this disaster, Michelle Boag, is nowhere to be seen and it is reported that, when confronted recently at a party of the well connected, she simply turned on her heels and walked away. There is real anger now amongst the centre-right for the Boag/Kaye/Goldsmith disaster. It is too late to salvage anything and I hope that National is proud of their immense cock up.

Their stupidity has likely handed the left-wing a significant victory in Auckland.


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  • herewego

    and all the joy for ratepayers that will go with it

    • The future of Auckland is still in the hands of the voters and they will be the only ones responsible for what they and up with.

  • biscuit barrel

    mayor is a thankless job with very little real power unlike US mayors who are a mix of chairman/CEO role and who can hire and fire all the top level bureaucrats.
    Having dealt with councils a lot, as you move your decisions up the staff hierarchy you can find real leaders, but at the bottom theres semi qualified dross.
    What we can do and absolutely need is a ombudsman/ inspector general system for the Auckland Council only, that reports to the full council so isnt in thrall to the CEO.
    It would be like a staff auditor who have acess to all the files and the emails to really know whats happening.

    • JohnO

      $259.500 annual salary is hardly a thankless job. And you get the fame (or infamy in Browns place) and the glory as well. Photo opportunities and sycophants, but the real fun comes when you get to squander billions of rate payers cash and make urban growth plans that will quadruple the price of housing. The present crop of numpty mayoral candidates all want to remove our 6 billion dollar pa turnover port from Auckland and let that revenue go into someone else’s pocket so we have even less ability to pay the accumulated debt of 18 billion dollars ?

      • OneTrack

        Yes, I just love these people who say we should “move” the port, when the reality (if they are suggesting Whangarei or Tauranga) is that they mean they want to simply close Ports of Auckland, put those people out of work and add to the transport costs of anything being shipped with a final destination of Auckland. Haven’t they heard of global warming?

      • biscuit barrel

        Ports of Auckland revenue is miles less than $6 bill
        “Total group revenue was $218.3m, down from $221.2m the year before, reflecting the sale of our subsidiary Connlinx”-POAL
        The profit after tax is around $60 mill.

  • phronesis

    There have been a number of mentions of this former Young Nats president helping the Clinton campaign. Seems like there must be a story there. Who is this guy?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    This what comes of a radio station venturing into visual media.