The standard you walk by is the standard you set

A reader in Blenheim would like to shame local council workers for their arrogance.



It appears the Marlborough District Council workers saved themselves a good 60m walk.  Twice!

The standard you walk by is the standard you set.

The two able bodied workers for the council drove past four perfectly good parking spots in order to park across the road in a disabled park to get their coffee or whatever.

Please shame them.

– Whaleoil reader



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  • Sailor Sam

    Seeing as it is not mentioned, so we have to assume it was not –
    Reader should have dialled *555 and dobbed them in, rego and all.
    Reader should also have advised local mayor of same.

  • Jerseyman

    Perhaps they urgently needed to use the local handicapped unisex transgender toilet facilities that Marlborough is now famous for.

  • cows4me

    Big city issues.

    • Nechtan

      Happens in small rural towns as well.

  • Rick H

    In some cases, the “mandatory number” of “disabled” parking spaces that MUST be provided is really a joke.

    They would be better off having a few “Urgent-2 minute” spaces instead.

    • Nige.

      Looks like it’s in front of the doctors surgery too! Oh well.