Stop your whining Barbara, it is unbecoming and not working


Barbara Dreaver is putting on a weapons grade whine louder than an air raid siren because she isn’t getting her way.

What is truly funny is watching the Media party begging John Key to help out poor Barbara when they normally just want to kick him in the balls.

Well Key’s entreaties failed…predictably…and Barbara isn’t happy.

Fiji’s Prime Minister also said that according to New Zealand media what happened in Fiji somehow lacked legitimacy.

That’s because it did lack legitimacy. The bottom line is it was a military dictatorship which ejected the democratically elected government with weapons, sacked the judges, abolished the constitution, put military personnel in top public service positions, censored the media and introduced laws forbidding groups of people meeting.

However, as Frank Bainimarama points out, things have moved on. He was democratically elected by the people, his Government is now legitimate.  

Fiji has a right to ban whoever they want to – but banning the three journalists who were/are Pacific correspondents is no accident and it is an attack on freedom of speech.

You would think that Frank Bainimarama is the only leader who has come under the spotlight – that is simply not true.

I have not been afraid to challenge other Pacific leaders when it was needed. One example was allegations of corruption in former PM Laisena Qarase’s Government.

Being a military dictator you don’t have to deal with pesky journalists asking the hard questions. But I’m sorry, Voreqe – being a democratically elected leader means you do.

Is John Key’s trip to Fiji worthwhile? You bet.

Fiji is a great country with many good people. Building relationships with our Pacific neighbour is important, and in times of crisis such as Cyclone Winston it was great to see New Zealand and Fiji pulling together.

But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to challenge, to question.

Otherwise nothing will change.

Barbara Dreaver thinks she has a right to visit Fiji. She doesn’t. She thinks she can hold another country’s leader to account because she is a journalist. She can thank her lucky stars it is Fiji she is dealing with and not China, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia. If she carried on like she is now, using her employer’s resources for personal grandstanding and mounting a vendetta against the leaders of those countries then she would find herself in jail in those countries never to be seen from again.

She says she is from the region yet displays none of the characteristics of someone from the region. She is rude, abrasive and churlish and prone to dummy spitting and temper tantrums a four year old would be proud of.

She should just face facts, for whatever reason she is PNG in Fiji, and she won’t be travelling there any time soon no matter how hard she sucks up to John Key or abuses Frank Bainimarama.





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  • Love the way she still can’t get the facts right. She was banned for challenging Frank – but for claiming there were tanks in the streets and that kids were having to eat grass.
    Perhaps if she came clean publicly about making stuff up and apologised the she may see some change in attitude – but I won’t hold my breath

  • Miss Phit

    Everytime she complains louder it just hardens the resolve of those who dont want her.

    Never go full retard barbara…oh too late.

    I guess her continued assaults from the msm bunker that her credibility and theirs is getting stronger and any minute a soverign nation will crumble and give in to her demands.

    Oh maybe not… maybe a few more journos will be excluded because of your attacks.

    As the pacific correspondant her ability to travel amoungst those islands would be paramount to enable her to keep her job. But hey keep pushing barbara and soon no one will want you. How safe do you feel in your msm bunker now the cuts are looming….?

    • I’d say she turned a ban that might have been lifted into a lifetime ban…way to go Barb

      • Jon Low

        Barbsona non grata.

  • JohnO

    The addition of Tanks was probably a TV news editors decision to include so TVNZ are probably as much to blame for Barbara Dreaver’s predicament as Barbara is herself. Both Barbara Dreaver and TVNZ should apologise to Fiji for their culpable lies and undertake not to do it again. Maybe they could offer $20 million in reparations for the damages caused by false reporting and their criminal refusal to put it right by making a full and unreserved apology. :)

    • Sailor Sam

      And that is why there is a problem, TVNZ is financed by the government and ultimately us.
      It could be seen by foreigners to be the State Broadcasting Service
      If TVNZ was at fault, then TVNZ needs to apologise and tell BD to stop whingeing.

      • sheppy

        What amazes me is how the government continues to finance TVNZ whilst TVNZ by way of gratitude continue to run one sided hit pieces against the government. The continuous bias begs the question “why does the government and as such the taxpayer continuously subsidise TVNZ?”

      • gonzo

        We don’t subsidise or finance TVNZ, we own it.
        Don’t know if that makes much difference to your particular point, but it’s an important difference.

  • Muzman349

    The woman is really demented. Far from being a “Military Dictator” Frank has actually done a great job and when he did take the steps way back I whooped with joy as it was what was necessary for Fiji to get on track. He had a vision for Fiji that others did not want but he has succeeded and should be congratulated.

  • Keyser Soze

    Nice to see some actual consequences for making up the news instead of reporting it.

  • niggly

    I’m a bit late to the party with all these WO Fiji posts, but as far as I’m concerned the most important issue here for NZ is the rebuilding NZ-Fiji relations (and hats off to the PM for making the time and effort).

    Can the MSM please stop their continuous whining writing these stories all about “themselves”? There really are times when there are more important issues going on, like the restoration of ties in order to help the Fiji economy and thus Fijian men, women and children etc, and this is one of them.

  • Ben

    A lie has short legs but it runs faster than the truth.

    Would someone please produce the evidence that Deaver said there were tanks on the street instead of parroting Bainimarama’s lie.

    • sonovaMin

      You are being pedantic. Read One’s news site: “New Zealand television ran footage of tanks in the streets of Suva when our military does not own any tanks.
      They had been interposed from other sources. ” She explained that they used archived footage. (were they Fijian?) I think she was being very disingenuous here. If it was done without her knowledge then her bosses owe everyone an apology.

      • Graham Pilgrim

        I’m sorry, but those are words from Bainimarama’s speech. Not TV1.

        • sonovaMin

          The first para yes. Watch the video if you are confused.

          • Moj Kljuc

            Yes still confused also…..besides generalisations being made here, what exactly has Bainimarama specifically accused BD of doing (I can accept that he generally finds her offensive) but she, BD, may for all I know now be just cherry picking comments that Bainimarmama is now making that she can refute (as she does in the video that you mention)…so I would like some mention here of things that she has actually said that misrepresented the truth.

          • Graham Pilgrim

            Yes. I watched both of them. Twice. In neither did I hear any reference to “archived footage” of tanks. So, still confused.

            Both of Mr Bainimarama’s claims about TV footage remain unsubstantiated.

          • sonovaMin

            You’re right the bit about archived footage is not there now.

          • Dan

            That is the problem with modern media. If something is embarrasing to the msm they can simply delete it and deny it ever existed.

          • Graham Pilgrim

            I suspect that if it actually had been there, this blog would have captured it pdq!

          • sonovaMin

            As nobody but tv One has access to their archives nothing can be proved conclusively. I note that the only archive footage shown is of kids pulling up grass while she drones on about kids with empty bellies.

          • Rebecca

            Actually the reference to grass had no mention of footage. He said it was “claimed” that children were eating grass. The accusation that he claimed there were images is a straw man from TVNZ that some would call an unsubstantiated lie.

      • Hardie Martin

        Are we going to see a cartoon of Barbara accepting the role of honorary Colonel Commandant of the Fijian Tank Division?

    • Rebecca

      Could somebody please produce evidence that Bainimarama accused Dreaver of saying tanks on streets? In the speech I read, he attributed it to “New Zealand Television,” not “One News” or “Barbara Dreaver” that the MSM insists on rebutting. This straw man lie has very short legs and is running very quickly.

  • Misfit

    It sure is nice to finally see someone hold the media to account for their BS, shame we don’t have anyone brave enough here to take them on, the sniveling cowards cave the second twitter tweets start coming in. Imagine if we lived in a world like Fiji where consequences for your actions are actually enforced and media have to be truthful when reporting, what a wonky old world that would be lol.

  • niggly

    Secondly who cares if Laisena Qarase’s Govt was democratically elected. They were corrupt and were over-riding the law by releasing people associated with the 2000 Speight coup.

    As lefties would attest to, sometimes one has to do extreme things when democracy is under threat from corrupt people in high places (and where were the NZ MSM denouncing Qarase? From what I recall they were muted, simply making occasional references but not going the full retard, like they did when Bainimarama took over.

    The thing is, Bainimarama restored democracy (granted not perfect in a western liberal sense) after temporary shutting it down (and after escaping death himself). Isn’t this what really matters now? Let’s help them make their democracy “better” by engagement (and chipping away at any areas of concern). Fiji are a sovereign nation – we cannot dictate what they must do, especially the MSM.

  • Jon Low

    How does someone with a huge lisp ever get a job in broadcasting?

    • Miss Phit

      Same way a thick irish accent does. Shallow tallent pool.

    • Dan

      This was a period of media history where there was a spate of such recruits. Karen the weather girl was the worst but fortunately NZ gets lots of Westerly Winds. Karen though worked very hard on that and became a great weather reader

      Maybe her biggest problem with the coup was coping witn bainawama. But no it can’t be because there was Chowdwy and Engawasey before him.

      Perhaps the producer had to put in tanks because it avoided mentioning the army twuks. But no, because then there were the kids eating gwass.

    • Wheninrome

      Yes, you can never be sure what she actually says, was it tanks or thanks, who would know.
      However we must not make fun of a speech impediment, perhaps she is part of the quota,

  • Curly1952

    I wonder if John Key had sent a note to Bainimarama earlier saying “I am going to ask you about letting our reporters into Fiji, but I want you to say no”!!? Great way to get one back on the self serving, whinging, moaning, hypocrites that they are

  • Miss Phit

    Maybe the problem with barbs (and our esteemed msm) is that she is a second rate hack who didnt do her homework and checks before going into print. She got caught out and maybe it wasnt all her fault. Maybe a producer decided to sex up the story with tanks. Perhaps she was fed a line of BS about kids eating grass, but she ran with her gotcha moments.

    Isnt that the msm way?

    They all forget actions have consequences. Maybe not straight away but one day you cant travel home because of a story.

  • Isherman

    I think the biggest risk here for John Key is to allow the issue of the state of our relationship with Fiji to become overshadowed and turned into a Drever vs Bainimarama conflict where she counters FB’s actions against her by insisting on what John Key should be doing about it on her behalf…in other words, effectively trying to use our PM as a champion for her own ends. If he’s smart he won’t allow that to happen, and he should make that clear to her and to TVNZ. He wouldn’t have gone there in the first place if he wasn’t interested in restoring the relationship, and that’s all he needs to concentrate on, and not let that be derailed by some two bit journalist.
    The other suggestion to him would be to do this PM to PM, cut Murray right out of it.

  • LesleyNZ

    It is more than just the grass and the tanks. We all have short memories. I had to do a bit of thinking. Remember the Ratu Mara saga, the Balu Khan saga and the typhoid saga and the unbalanced reporting? If you check out Croz Walsh’s blog and do a search with the banned journalists names – you will remember. This blog (Whaleoil) also has numerous blog entries around the time of the everything mentioned below. “NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully says he is asking the Fiji government to readmit NZ journalists Michael Field and Barbara Dreaver who were blacklisted in in 2007 and 2008 for their biased and inaccurate reporting.”We’ve made it clear,” says McCully, “that the New Zealand public will be deeply interested in these (election) issues. It’s not going to be particularly helpful to have an election campaign take place with New Zealand journalists banned from being present. The Attorney-General and I had quite a constructive dialogue on that topic and I made it clear that if I need to I’ll make representations on behalf of New Zealand journalists.”
    I wish the Minister was correct in describing the NZ public’s level of interest in Fiji politics. Unfortunately, Fiji is rarely mentioned and when it is, it is by reporters as biased as Field. My own excursion into broadcasting, on RNZ’s Nights with Bryan Crump, was cut short on the grounds that it did not fit the programme format.
    Readers will recall that Michael Field’s distortions were a major reason for starting this blog, and that earlier postings identified some of them. The reporting of a so-called “cholera epidemic” as if it threatened Fiji’s major tourism areas is a case in point.This was not a mistake. Field certainly knew where the places were. He chose to submit an inaccurate report, and in my book that constitutes bias. Dreaver used a one year old report of an outbreak in Vanua Levu, claiming it was current.
    Minister McCully may have forgotten that the NZ Broadcasting Authority found Field guilty of inaccurate reporting on Fiji. It did not find what he has written as lacking “balance” (his use of terms such as dragooning, kangaroo court and Star Chamber is apparently acceptable) but his reporting then and since has only reported negatively on the Bainimarama government. Bias is evident not just in what one writes and the choice of words, but also in what one chooses not to write.My advice to Minister McCully would be to ask that NZ journalists other than Field and Dreaver be admitted. Field and Dreaver are much too discredited.” May 2014
    “Typhoid Reports in NZ Media:Croz Complains; Barbara Dreaver Replies”
    Remember this accusation? “Bainimarama Hits Women” Barbara went running to Tonga to meet with Ratu Mara and Michael Field became Ratu Mara’s bestest friend. ” Michael Field is probably the best known NZ journalist who reports on the Pacific. It was because I found his Fiji reporting so biased and misleading that I started my blog. Time is limited so I’ll provide only one example of his reporting. Last year there was an outbreak of typhoid in three villages some 50 kilometres up the Sigatoka River. It affected a dozen or so people. Field reported this as a serious threat to tourists on the Coral Coast, a popular tourist destination. Field knew where the outbreak had occurred and must have known the threat was a very small one. Barbara Dreaver gave similar reports some time later.
    Barbara Dreaver. Interview with Ratu Tevita Mara who fled Fiji when changed with sedition. Got lost when fishing. Picked up by the Tongan navy. Took documents that would prove all. Barbara smiled at the fishing story (obviously a lie) and did not ask to see the documents which, if they really existed, were in the next room.”

    The banning of these journalists is much much more than grass and army tanks………….

  • LesleyNZ

    and…”censored the media”? What a joke. The media here in NZ is continually censoring – censoring and picking and choosing what news/stories they think we should know about to the point where opinion is presented as fact.