Political quotes and memes to make you think

















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  • Boondecker

    I always liked this one…

    • WBC

      So true. Technically a Phobia is an irrational fear.

      Being worried about a potentially real threat is not a phobia at all, it is a rational response. Singing Kumbayah with your head in the ground (which admittedly would be a little bit muffled) while a pack of wolves circle around your campsite is not. It is true that some of those wolves may take the food and shelter that your superior camp culture provides and join your group, but some will not and they are to be treated with utmost caution.

  • Red_NZ

    I appreciated reading this one recently

  • tas

    Please stop repeating the Nazi gun control myth. It’s simply not true.

    Firstly, it has no basis in historical evidence (unless you listen to holocaust deniers). Secondly, it’s ridiculous to suggest that the Nazi war machine could have been defeated by a few armed civilians.

    The Nazis didn’t persecute people by taking their guns. They persecuted people by sticking them in cattle trains and then enslaving or exterminating them (or both). It’s offensive to the victims of the Holocaust to equate the two.


    • gazza0100111001011010

      If an armed Jewry was no threat the Nazis why did they bother disarming them

      • tas

        To any question of the form “Why did the Nazis do ______ to the Jews?” the answer is “Because they were evil genocidal racists.” The Jews (armed or otherwise) were never a threat to the Nazis.

    • tas

      I very much doubt Hitler said that.