More teacher union whinging copy/pasted by Media party

Fairfax obviously have no trouble putting untrained and unsupervised ?journalists? in charge of publishing near verbatim press releases from the teachers’ union without even pretending they have taken a cursory look at it for pressing “publish”.

Changes to education rules will mean unqualified teachers working unsupervised in primary schools, a union says.

According?to NZEI, the primary teachers’ union, a?”last-minute” change?to the Education Legislation Bill would allow schools?to cheaply hire an?”unqualified person in an unsupervised teaching role” while they did an initial teacher training programme.

“As a principal, I know that taking trainees straight off the street and putting them in front of a classroom is absolutely inappropriate,” union president?Louise Green said.

“Teachers need high-quality, professional training and education to learn the skills of teaching. They need an understanding of child development and the curriculum.”

New Zealand already had an oversupply of certificated and registered primary teachers and just 15 per cent of graduating teachers were getting permanent fulltime jobs, she said.

“The amendments appear to be wholly inconsistent with the Government’s goal of lifting the status of teaching and moving towards teaching as a post-graduate profession. ?

“Any teacher will tell you how daunting it to teach a class just after graduating with a teaching qualification. It beggars belief that someone could hope to be an effective teacher with anything less.”

The amendment allows graduates from a teacher?training programme to be employed at schools to gain?experience on the job.

Fairfax could have spent five minutes on a bit of research and had a quick look at the success of TeachFirst, which takes the brightest graduates and puts them through intense and brief training and puts them in schools, and found out that it is spectacularly successful. It’s even popular with principals.

It has been running in the UK for over five years with plenty of studies confirming its success but, of course, in NZ the unions put it before our woeful employment court and found a way to block it on a technicality causing quite a bit of frustration within the ?profession? as it’s worked well. The teachers union is anti-education and cares nothing about anything that may improve education outcomes if it either proposed by National or in any way means some form of flexibility.

At least Tom Hunt will get an A+ for taking dictation and copy/pasting technique.


– Fairfax