They’ve already got a party

A band of the bewildered have decided to form a new party…for greedy old people.

A new political party has formed to represent older New Zealanders, saying the Government is showing no interest in senior issues.

The New Zealand Seniors Party plans to register as an official party and will run candidates in the 2017 election.

It was formed by a group of “disgruntled pensioners” in Wellington but its executive is also made up of people from Auckland, Christchurch and the provinces.

The party said seniors needed more meaningful representation in Parliament. ?

A key part of its platform would be fighting the “unfair” deduction of overseas pensions from New Zealand Superannuation.

“Today’s seniors are tired of being ignored and dictated to by politicians, government departments and their overpaid staff,” the party said.

“They are not willing to remain invisible. They are educated and bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge to the table, and they are certainly capable of taking an active role in the running of their own country.”

The party is now seeking members.

Don’t they know they already have a party…it’s called NZ First and it’s run by a septuagenarian.

Talk about ungrateful bastards, surely they should be prostrate before Winston thanking him for the Super Gold Card.

But seriously they show just how greedy they are, expecting to get a full NZ pension despite also getting a pension, presumably from the UK…making them old whinging Poms as well.


-NZ Herald