Turkeys vote for an early Christmas in Texas

In a move so poorly thought out that they may as well have painted  a bullseye on their foreheads, organisers of the Houston Pride celebration have declared their parade to be gun-free. They made this extraordinary decision less than two weeks after the slaughter at the Orlando gay nightclub. Their decision has served them up as defenceless targets to any would-be an Islamic terrorist. As we all know, terrorists are cowards and like their targets to be unarmed and defenceless. If terrorists do decide to take up their invitation to slaughter them like the incredibly naive turkeys they are, I hope that the other citizens of Texas observing the parade are able to defend them with their concealed  firearms.


As reported by Breitbart Texas, organizers have remained steadfast to their declaration that no one can carry firearms.

This decision comes less than two weeks after the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack at a gay nightclub which killed almost 50 people and wounded more than 50 more. This tragedy happened at another “gun-free zone.”

The Pride Houston website states that “No Firearms Allowed at Any Pride Houston Events” and cites sections 30.06 and 30.07 of the Texas Penal Code, as reported by Breitbart Texas. The message also appears in Spanish. Organizers also say, “We will also be posting the policy regarding firearms on our site, social media outlets and at the parade. Firearms, concealed or open carry, will not be allowed.”

CJ Grisham, president of Open Carry Texas (OCT) told Breitbart Texas, “The organizers of the Pride parade in Houston have created a policy that is foolish and unenforceable,” Grisham told Breitbart Texas on Saturday morning. “The bottom line is that they cannot ban guns at this public event. They can prevent participants in the parade from carrying, but not spectators and other citizens. For a group that is the target of Islamic extremists, I can’t fathom why they would not want the means and ability to defend themselves.” Grisham added, “Many of our members will be there and we will not obey unlawful demands to disarm.”

The Shiloh Gun Range’s Jeff Sanford told Breitbart Texas, “It’s a moot point, because as far as I understand Texas law [Texas Penal Code 42.035(f)(3)], the parade organizers cannot declare a public road or sidewalk a gun free zone. Bottom line, concealed means just that. No one knows you have it unless you have to use it. And I’m sick of seeing my fellow, unarmed Americans led to slaughter.”

Houston Pride officials have remained committed to their decision even though the Houston Pride parade was the source of a threat on Twitter, as reported by Breitbart Texas.

Olivia Maynard said, “I do not agree a private entity should be able to declare a public roadway a gun-free zone. People have the right to be, and feel safe in such dangerous and uncertain times. Particularly, when threats have already been made.” Maynard is a transgender person who has written an OP-ED that was published in Breitbart Texas.

Rhonda Omberg told Breitbart Texas, “While I understand the reasoning for making such rules; unfortunately we all know criminals can’t read. The Orlando shooter never even considered reading the warnings against carrying a weapon inside the club at the front door. That being said, I have faith in law enforcement that they are doing everything they can to head off any threats but there are no guarantees, of course. We will enjoy the festival and the parade without fear and celebrate our lives, which I know offends some, but we have as much freedom as gay people as anyone else.”

“That is what we are celebrating,” Omberg added.

Another member of the gay community had the opposite opinion. “As a member of the LGBT community, I think it makes logical sense to declare the Pride Parade as a gun-free zone in light of recent events,” Michael Pearce told Breitbart Texas. “While I support gun ownership and own a handgun to protect my house and family, I don’t think we should make it easier for people to commit these heinous crimes, especially when there’s already been a real threat of violence.”

The LGBT gun rights group Pink Pistols has seen their membership grow from 1,500 to more than 7,000 since the Orlando terrorist attack, as reported by Breitbart News’ AWR Hawkins on June 23.


Gay conservative and world's most fabulous super villain, Milo Yinaoppolous Screenshot-whaleoil.co.nz

Gay conservative and world’s most fabulous super villain, Milo Yiannopoulos



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  • Spiker

    A bit like anti vaxers they rely on others to protect them thinking they’re to good to contaminate themselves with that nasty product.

  • Ross

    Wow and they complain about the Government wanting to strip their right to bear arms!

  • Colin

    Right, because there are just so many examples of brave, noble and righteous civilian gun owners stepping in heroically to save the day when some nutjob with a gun tries to kill innocent people, and absolutely no examples at all of the gun owner actually becoming the nutjob are there?
    I’m not worried about criminals having guns; I’m worried about my neighbour, my workmate, the guy on the motorway next to me. They’re a far more clear and present danger than criminals. .And no, the answer is NOT for me to own a gun for “self-defence” – as soon as you own a gun, the most likely person to be killed by it is you, then your family, then your friends. I guarantee that not one gun advocate on this forum has ever used a firearm for ‘self-defence’ – it’s a myth, a fantasy they tell themselves to justify owning them. All having a firearm does is allow you to escalate a trivial dispute to lethal levels in the blink of an eye.

    • Woody

      I for one have never claimed that I own a rifle (don’t own a gun) for self defense and I would hazard a guess that neither have most firearms owners.

      Would I use one for self defense if I needed to and it was readily available (which none of them are, they are all locked up)? Yes I would.

    • Baz

      Defensive gun uses (DGU) don’t fit the media narrative so never appear in the MSM. Believe it or not, things do happen that the media doesn’t report, you just have to go look for it. In the US when a civilian lawfully prevents a crime by pointing a gun at the bad guy, no crime has been committed so it’s not news and often the civilian doesn’t even report it (who wants that hassle, if the cops even showed up). It does happen and even the anti’s will admit the number is at least 50,000 per annum with others coming up with much higher numbers.

      As for your first point, a few minutes on google is informative. Here, let me get you started: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2015/10/03/do-civilians-with-guns-ever-stop-mass-shootings/

      You should also google the crime rate of concealed handgun carriers in the US (there are over 20 million of them) and compare to the crime rate of the US police, you might be surprised……..

    • Spiker

      There are many examples of gun owners saving the day. Google will help there, here’s but one link. https://www.gunowners.org/sk0802htm.htm

      In New Zealand where stating gun ownership for self defence will not get you a firearms license there are obvious fewer examples. But one there readily comes to mind is Greg Carvel who successfully defended himself (& others) from a crazed attacker with a machete using a handgun.

      The notion that by owning firearms that makes one more likely to be killed by one is plain silly. You could apply the same logic with many items & but it doesn’t stop you owning them.

    • spanishbride

      Okay let’s accept your point of view and look at it this way. Do you think it is wise to advertise that your parade lacks protection in a month where people just like you have been targeted by terrorism, precisely because they were unarmed and therefore vulnerable to mass slaughter?

    • Colin

      Here’ s a heart-warming story about the joys of gun ownership off of Yahoo NZ today; https://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/31923115/dont-do-this-theyre-our-kids-father-watches-in-horror-as-wife-shoots-daughters-on-his-birthday/#page1
      Houston gun advocate killed her daughters. Let’s guess how many times she used her gun collection to protect them from those dangerous characters with guns…oh, wait.

    • duve

      I hear about people getting stabbed all the time. Yet everyone I know has knives of various kinds, for peeling vegetables, filleting fish, cutting up meat. Nobody has yet used one against me, or threatened to. Would I take one out of the drawer to defend myself if my house was invaded? You bet!

      • Colin

        See, there’s the thing; knives have uses apart from stabbing and cutting human beings. You can do other productive and non-harmful things with them. Pretty hard to do without them in fact. Guns? Not so much. If the Orlando shooter, or Columbine shooters or Fort Hood shooter or (insert your favourite mass shooting here) had been armed with knives instead of guns, would the death tolls have been higher, or lower?

  • NahYeah

    I have a feeling there will be a lower than usual turnout to that rally.