When will the Greens propose that the State feed kids dinner too?

The Green party has never found a problem that can’t be solved by either banning it, taxing it or throwing money at it.

When breakfast in schools was first mooted I predicted that the next step would be to demand that the government feed kids lunch as well, ignoring the fact that the basic premise of welfare is to provide for a family with children and, by feeding children at school, there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding decrease in welfare benefits for the State doing what parents should be doing.

Well, it has come to pass with the Greens demanding that the government feed kids at lunch as well.

The Greens are again calling on the Government to provide breakfasts and lunches in schools following a report that Upper Hutt businesses aren’t prepared to fund a local project.

“Leaving it to cash-strapped community organisations to feed our hungry children clearly isn’t working, and that’s why we need the Government to step in,” said MP Marama Davidson.

“Thousands of Kiwi kids are going to school hungry every day, through no fault of their own.”

The RNZ report said 14 Upper Hutt primary and intermediate schools have teamed up with a local trust to work out ways to provide lunches for an estimated 50 children who turn up hungry.

They need about $30,000 a year and Manuel Dalton, who is running the trust, says he emailed about 300 local businesses asking for help and received only two replies — both of them turned down the appeal. ?

Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce chief executive Mark Futter says he’s “astounded” by the lack of response.

“I’m genuinely surprised to be perfectly honest … the feedback that’s been given to me is that there’s been a genuine lack of interest.”

Mr Manuel says he’s going to keep on trying.

In March last year former MP Hone Harawira’s “feed the kids” Bill was defeated in Parliament.

It would have provided Government-funded breakfasts and lunches for children in schools in poorer areas.

At the time, Prime Minister John Key said parents were expected to feed their children properly and the vast majority did.

He said food in schools programmes existed for needy children.

I wonder who feeds the kids when the school holidays are on?

It can’t be far off having the Greens call for the government to provide hot dinners for kids as well.


– Newshub