Will Michael Wood take his campaign to ban penis lollies to parliament?


The Labour party have “selected” a veteran of coming second, Michael Wood, as their candidate to replace Phil Goff in Mt Roskill.

The Labour Party has selected its first election candidate, picking Michael Wood to take over from longstanding MP Phil Goff as its new Mt Roskill candidate.

The selection was held early because of a possible by-election if Mr Goff wins the Auckland Mayoralty in October.


Mr Wood, who is on the Puketapapa community board, has stood for Labour in the past in Epsom and the Botany by-election. He is also Mr Goff’s electorate chair and was given Mr Goff’s endorsement early on.

The Mt Roskill electorate battle has already had its first mini-scandal after National’s List MP Parmjeet Parmar accused Mr Wood’s partner Julie Fairey of trying to ban Ms Parmar from citizenship ceremonies

Ms Fairey, the chair of the Puketapapa board, claimed only electorate MPs could attend as part of the official party not locally based List MPs.

That effectively meant only Labour MPs could attend.

Mr Wood could also attend as a member of the Puketapapa community board and Ms Parmar said Ms Fairey was trying to give him an advantage in any election campaign.

Ms Fairey retracted after she was told the ceremonies were public and anybody could attend.

They “selected” him? There was only one candidate; imagine the embarrassment if he hadn’t been selected from a field of one.

What is perhaps more important to find out is whether or not Michael Wood will take the issue he highlighted most during his spanking in the Botany by-election, the banning of penis lollies, to parliament.

Michael Wood was a former member of the Axis of Weasel, and is a thoroughly nasty union hack selected by no one except the party hierarchy. I would have thought a safe seat like Mt Roskill would have attracted all sorts of talent rather than a union hack with a record of losing.


– NZ Herald


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  • Keeping Stock

    I’m surprised Jacinda Ardern wasn’t given a quiet word in the ear to put her name forward for Mt Roskill. Given that she has twice failed to unseat Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central, being parachuted into a “safe” seat would have ensured her political future, rather than leaving her at the vagaries of being a second-chance List MP.

    • sheppy

      She’s probably hoping the Melons won’t put forward a credible rival and that she will inherit enough of their votes to get in. I suspect she’s wrong with that idea

    • Abjv

      You have made the possibly invalid assumption that ensuring Jacinda has a political future is part of the planning process. It is more likely that there is a desire to fill caucus with a bunch of union hacks so next time there is a leadership spill, the caucus vote doesn’t go 26 to 4 against.

    • Crowgirl

      Mt Roskill is unfashionable though and would require representing and being seen with people other than Grey Lynn luvvies.

      • Joe Burns

        Roskill with the largest enclave of Muslims in Auckland. That’s what I would call ‘unfashionable.

  • Cadwallader

    I’d have thought Jacinda may have been given a clear run in this seat? It appears Little Angry is still under direct union control. How sad for Labour.

  • OT Richter

    Ironic that he has issues with penises with his surname.

    But seriously, what are the chances of Labour losing Mt Roskill in a by-election? In 2014 Goff won with 18,600 votes versus Parmar’s 10,500 votes, but Goff was the long-time incumbent and well known in the area. Will National put forward Parmar again, or is there someone else being primed? Greens will most likely pull out to aid their new friends.

  • Misfit

    my god labours talent pool is shallow

  • Quinton Hogg

    As a candidate for Mt Roskill will Mr Wood resign his position on the local board or will he follow the lead of Mr Goff who has kept his seat while campainging