Little impresses, but apparently he’s been set up to fail

via One News

via One News

Cam’s very good friend Brian Edwards has come out of retirement to praise his golden boy:

Having of late been more critical than approving of Andrew Little?s efforts in television interviews I now come to praise him: he handled a lengthy and confrontational interview with the terrier-like Lisa Owen on ?The Nation? exceptionally well. His ums, ers and y?knows were gone, he was fluent, his eye contact was sustained and he looked confident. The interview should have been a winner.

Uh oh. Should? I can feel an ill wind…

There was only one problem ? the long list of questions he was unable to answer at all! Not from lack of knowledge but because Labour?s policy on each of those topics was not due to be released until the Labour Party Conference on Sunday, which, as we all know is the day after Saturday, when ?The Nation? is first broadcast. The world ? and Lisa Owen ? would have to wait till then.

So we ended up with a whole series of questions which Andrew had to tell Lisa and the audience he couldn?t answer. Conference had to hear them first ? on Sunday!

It was really embarrassing.

So here?s my question: How in god?s name did no-one in Little?s office notice that his interview with Owen was the day before the Labour Party Conference which would make it impossible for him to say anything new or of consequence about ? well, pretty well anything.

That proved a disastrous oversight with Little repeatedly having to tell Owen he was sorry but he couldn?t talk about that.

Heads should roll!

The head that should and will roll is Andrew Little’s. The problem is that the timing isn’t right.

If, today, you ask people who they will vote for, you’ll get something like 28%.

If, today, you ask which person should be Prime Minister, Andrew Little does not get 28%. He gets 7%.

As readers of INCITE:Politics know, all of Little’s numbers are dreadful. He’s backed up by a proven loser like McCarten who has been involved in the destruction of every political party he has been involved in.

For Labour to prosper, it needs to get rid of its strategy team, policy team, fundraising team and return the unions to a level of power that is proportional to their real numbers.

In other words, Brian may want “heads to roll” because Little went on TV not knowing anything about a policy that didn’t exist a week ago, but to replace the nose on the clown isn’t going to change the performance.


– Brian Edwards Media