Aaaand another woman goes for the brass ring

May0064992. Angela Eagle for DT Features. Picture shows Labour MP Angela Eagle, picture to illustrate a Mary Riddell interview. Location Mary's office in the Houses of Parliamnet. Picture date 21/09/2015

Angela Eagle – UK Labour Leader contender

Yesterday Whaleoil pointed out that women are likely to take over the world this year, with UK PM, the UN and the USA all being contested by strong, capable women.   This is the backdrop to Jeremy Corbyn digging in.  But he too is facing the wrath of a woman.

Angela Eagle, a senior MP from Britain’s main opposition Labour Party, says she will make a bid to replace Jeremy Corbyn as party leader.

Labour has been engulfed in a deep crisis since Britain’s shock vote to leave the European Union on June 23, with Mr Corbyn clinging on despite mass defections from his policy team and a motion of no confidence backed by most members of the parliamentary party.

“On Monday morning I will announce my candidature for leader of the Labour Party. I will explain my vision for the country and the difference a strong Labour Party can make,” Ms Eagle said in a statement on Saturday.

She said Mr Corbyn had failed to lead Labour MPs as an organised and effective force to hold the Conservative government to account and demonstrate they were ready to form a government in the event of an early national election.
Discontent with Mr Corbyn, who spent three decades on the hard-left fringe of the party before a wave of grassroots enthusiasm swept him to a surprise victory in a leadership contest last summer, has been simmering for months among Labour MPs.

Many were unconvinced by the veteran socialist’s leadership ability and their misgivings exploded into open crisis after the EU referendum.

Ms Eagle was business and trade policy chief in Mr Corbyn’s team until she resigned on June 27 as part of a wave of resignations that plunged Labour into disarray.

The chaos in the party has added to a sense of instability in British politics since the Brexit vote, with the Conservatives also rudderless after Prime Minister David Cameron announced the morning after the referendum that he would resign.

Just doing some background work on her it appears she was the 2nd openly lesbian MP in the UK.  Has to be admired that she hasn’t traded on it using the victim card like many gay and lesbian politicians.  It simply hasn’t come up.


– Reuters via Newshub


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  • Totara

    For people who are unfamiliar with the term, Grabbing the Brass Ring.

    • NahYeah

      Oh, I thought it was referring to this one:

      • BMSKiwi

        Mate, Ms Eagle is better looking than *that*.
        Or were you talking about the ring?

  • biscuit barrel

    Shes a stalking horse… others will declare once Corbyn is gone.

    • geoff2112

      Who says he’s going anywhere?

  • sandalwood789

    Sheesh….. why can’t the West have *attractive* leaders?
    This woman must *surely* be related to Helen Clark. She’s no oil painting, that’s for sure.

    • Sticktotheknitting

      Tut tut. Her looks surely don’t count. We can’t all look like Cleopatra.
      Lucky they have so many aspirants. Mr Corbyn has to go and someone else will step up, regardless of gender.

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