Amusing mistake at The Sunday Star Times

I will never forget when it first happened. A photo of Cameron was put alongside an article about a serial masturbator in the New Zealand Herald. He had nothing at all to do with the story yet, inexplicably, they put his photo beside the story. I didn’t find it funny at the time because that year they had published a number of hit job articles about him and it was unlikely that it was an innocent mistake.

I admit I am used to lies being printed about Cam but when I saw the latest hit job in The NZ Herald I admit my jaw dropped. They could not be any more clear in their overt intention to destroy him if they actually hired a plane to pull a banner behind it over Auckland saying Cameron Slater should be shot.

It is school yard level viciousness. Do you have any control at all over your staff Mr Currie? Does this ongoing relentless attack fest have your tacit approval?

Here  is what was published with one minor change. It had Cam’s face but I thought that this was more appropriate given the circumstances.

How does it feel Shayne?




Unbelievably this kind of “mistake” has happened again but at least this time the mistaken impression caused by it is a positive one.

MP Judith Collins

MP Judith Collins

How many other government ministers could be mistaken for a model do you think? It must be tough having both looks and brains but Judith Collins manages it some how.

Here is the photo that was meant to go with the article. You get to see it when you click on the link beside model Judith Collins’ face.

Government funding has dried up for a programme fitting locking breathalysers to repeat drink drivers’ cars, prompting warnings it could lead to an increase alcohol-related crashes.

A pilot run by Corrections Department has helped fund the alcohol interlock devices to 150 repeat drink drivers.

The pilot was such a success that Corrections asked for additional funding, but despite the pilot finishing on June 30, no decision has been made and it’s no longer a sentencing option.

Corrections Minister Judith Collins said the pilot programme was being reviewed.

“Once the evaluation is complete decisions can be made about any future funding.”

Former model and convicted drink-driver Sophia Nash said it would be a “tragedy” to lose the programme…


-Sunday Star Times


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  • Ruahine

    This is why I never buy their paper. Do not even take up their ‘free’ offer. Won’t hold my breath waiting for the effusive apology either. Trash paper.

  • Huia

    Surely this comes in under the defamation act, its a deliberate attempt to slur and smear and they should be held to account for it.
    Vile bunch of school yard bullies.

  • geoff

    Several decades ago when ‘Truth’ was around they pulled that stunt with a photograph of a couple with the headline about being in love but could never marry. Truth claimed the article didn’t refer to the couple and it was all a mistake. However the courts took a different view and the couple wre awarded substantial damages.

    • peterwn

      I think it was actually ‘Sunday News’. At that time university students became ineligible for some allowances if they were married, so it was claimed that student couples were ‘living in sin’ so they could keep collecting their allowance. A ‘Sunday News’ photographer photographed two students on a motor scooter to illustrate their story. They were married and copped alot of ribbing from friends, shopkeepers etc. They got 5000 dollars (or pounds) and they could have purchased a house with this with little or no mortgage.

      • geoff

        My mistake. However, it proves the point.

  • Shalice

    In the anti Brexit stance of the two comedians in the end of the Dom Post’s Your Weekend the woman comedian called Cameron Campbell !

  • Bruce Rayner

    Sue the Herald.

  • hookerphil

    Surely that woman does not need a breath lock to stop driving off, how about not taking a car to the pub. Oh, and I think she is nowhere near the standard of the top super model.