Auckland Council will train you to be a Jedi, but only if you’re a man

Another storm in a friggin’ tea cup.

The latest installment of the Star Wars series may have starred a woman – but it looks as though an Auckland theatre hasn’t seen it, as its Jedi workshop was advertised as a boys-only event.

The theatre was forced to make a hasty apology and quickly change its advertisement after being called out on social media over what many believed was an example of gender stereotyping.

Another event in the same brochure promoted a fairy-themed workshop, which was labelled as being exclusively for girls. Both advertisements drew derision from a number of Twitter users


Of course, this has caused immediate and widespread “social media outrage”. (In other words, a handful of people had a moan and Newshub decided it was an easy target.)


I trust the council won’t compound this problem by only offering boys’ toilets and girls’ toilets.

For starters, there will have to be toilets for boy fairies who don’t want to go to a boys’ toilet.

Anyone get the idea our society is regressing into a dark age?


– Newshub


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  • Eiselmann

    I notice there is no SIth training , do they have a problem with ‘The Dark Side’?

    • Grumpy of Onehunga

      Len Brown is busy and the Ngati Whatua room is not available

  • I’m betting the SJWs that complained probably don’t even have kids
    But is it any wonder when kids grow up after being sent to fairy training for school holidays that they don’t know which bathroom to use

  • WBC

    I haven’t seen the rest of the program but I’m picking that there were a variety of different ‘workshops’ that suited all sorts of interests. Maybe the Jedi one was being run by someone looking to provide a good male role-model to the boys, maybe the fairy one was the same general thing for girls that were interested in that.

    It is not a crime for girls to like princesses and it is not a crime for boys to spend hours straining to lift something with their minds.

    Now, when will we see a man in the Silver Ferns, I’m sick and tired of this gender stereotyping, particularly when it demonstrates to girls that only dedicated athletic and coordinated girls can do it. It must be stopped!

  • Jaffa

    I predict this move will make more boy fairies.