More bullying from troughing mayor

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One late night email was followed by an even later night email. It looks like Mayor Sowman doesn?t like being challenged and is threatening someone who has the gall to call him out over spending. Following his 10.30pm email covered here, Mayor Sowman, who is sounding more and more like Andrew Williams by the day, sends another one. Note all the CCs.?

From: Mayor Sowman-7100 <[email protected][]>
Date: 30 June 2016 at 12:04:06 AM NZST
To: Corey Hebberd <[email protected][].com>
Cc: Peter Jerram <[email protected][]>, Jenny Andrews <[email protected][]>, Jamie Arbuckle <[email protected][]> , “[email protected][]” <[email protected][]>, Graeme Barsanti <[email protected][]>, Cynthia Brooks <[email protected][].com>, “Brian Dawson” <[email protected][].com>, B Dawson – 2nd email address <[email protected][]>, Geoff Evans <[email protected][]>, Trevor Hook <[email protected][]>, Peter Jerram <[email protected][]>, John Leggett <[email protected][]>, David Oddie <[email protected][]>, Laressa Shenfield <[email protected][].com> , Terry Sloan <[email protected][]>, Mark Wheeler-5030 <[email protected][].>
Subject: Re: ASB Theatre Funding

Hi Corey

As campaign manager for Jeanette Walker you much have known you cannot promote porkies as the truth. You seem to be a master at it. Can I arrange a convenient time to meet with yourself and my solicitor. What would be a suitable time for you?


Mayor Sowman

All Corey Hebberd did was legitimately question why the mayor was pissing away so much money on a ?world-class? theatre that can?t pay its own way and is going to be a millstone around the neck of Marlborough ratepayers for a generation. So, in a clear display of entitlement and objection to the democratic process, the mayor threatens legal action.

Is anyone else wondering how many mayors call themselves mayor? Maybe ?boss? would be more appropriate?