Cartoons are powerful influencers


Terrorists-vs-CartoonistsI saw a powerful cartoon by Evans the other day and it made me reflect on how a skilled cartoonist can influence people. The cartoon is simple and clear in its message. It blames Islamic terrorism on America. I strongly disagree with its message but I can appreciate how skilled and clever Evans is in his work. It motivated me to find more cartoons that show different views of Islamic terrorism.


Cartoons that don’t blame Islam for Islamic terrorism:







Cartoons that question the view that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam:













Cartoons that don’t see IslamicĀ terrorismĀ as a serious threat:




Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press



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  • Eiselmann

    Not a cartoon , but certainly one of the best counter arguments to Islamic terrorism all being the fault of the evil west I’ve come across.

    Christopher Hitchens at his best

  • NahYeah

    It’s interesting those cartoons that try to blame the right-wing press for domestic terrorism is the US. So are they suggesting that terrorism never existed before 9/11? What an insular view. Perhaps someone should point out that islamic terrorism had been occurring for well over 1,000 years before the USA even existed. It just occurred in other countries, until the lefties insisted that it be imported.

  • Mark

    How many have the Westboro Baptist Church killed again? It must be a lot considering the amount of times they’re used as a moral equivalence to Islamic terrorism