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via Te Ara

via Te Ara

George points out another clanger:

Just when you think things couldn’t become more bizarre we have this bollocks paraded before us.

Reported in Stuff: –

“An urgent hearing has been called to decide?whether the Crown has?failed to reduce Maori reoffending rates, and breached the Treaty of Waitangi”. “Instead of constantly recycling Maori men and women in a congested prison system, the government should be focused on reducing reoffending rates.”

So we have breached the Treaty of Waitangi.

So if a Maori rapes, murders, steals, deals in drugs, and is active in any other anti-social behavior, goes to jail, is then released and returns to his criminal life, it is all our fault.

My heart goes out to those poor criminals.

When we less mortals signed the treaty we clearly didn’t read the fine print. You know, the section that details our obligation towards Maori criminals.

It states it is our responsibility to release Maori criminals of the burden of responsibility, accountability and liability.

How did the Governor miss that? It must have been on the missing corner.

It’s the perfect vicious circle.? No matter what happens, colonialism is to blame.

Stand and deliver.