Daily Roundup




Asian flatmate has had enough








No guesses that someone put petrol in once.






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  • Nige.

    I took my hilux to the garage. The attendant went to put petrol in.

    I’m not proud of how I reacted.

    • rantykiwi

      You weren’t my least polite customer that day. I’ve spent way too many years pumping gas – from an after school and weekend job as a kid through to doing my apprenticeship as a mechanic at a rural garage where the bowsers were a part of the job – the world is full of arseholes who will abuse you for doing nothing other than provide sterling service. Putting petrol into a diesel (or vice-versa) is worthy of a decent serve.

      One of the best memories (from about age 12) literally burned into my psyche is a Hells Angel biker who asked me to check his front tyre after I’d filled his bike with $5 of petrol and managed not to spill any on the tank. I duly did so and managed to rest my forearm on the exhaust – I ran for the gutter and the running water there to cool my arm down. He got off his bike, made sure I was ok and pressed a $50 note into my hand whilst saying “Keep the change bro – that’s gotta hurt”.

    • spanishbride

      In my last job I told the new guy who was driving the van to make sure he put diesel in it. He had driven petrol vans for the company previously but the one I transported the students in was diesel. I told him as he climbed down from the driver’s seat at the petrol station. A student then hung his head out the window to chat to him. He then took off the cap and started pumping petrol into the van. We were stuck at that station in Botany for a couple of hours waiting for the guy to come to pump out the tank. The boss docked his pay. I bit my tongue until it hurt.

  • NahYeah

    I hope the psychic barber doesn’t ask people how they would like their hair cut today?

  • Kevin

    Poor guy. Obviously recently married and it was the only way he could keep his bike.