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  • JEL51

    Was that tree planted by Micheal Savage?

    • Carl

      Well it looks like the tree is in the same dodgy position as the party he led.

      • JEL51

        Exactly, clutching by the finger nails. My expert tree-loving eye sees that it is doomed.

        • willtin

          I predict a total collapse before the end of 2017

          • JEL51

            When I see through the canopy it is a sure sign that the feeder roots have dried out i.e. no money left in the coffers.

  • willtin

    Goes to show, cats are good for nothing.

    • Nermal

      I was just thinking I could use a couple of them

  • Andinz

    Next thing to do is grab the handle of the frying pan.

  • Wolfman Jack

    The person who knitted the cat ‘mats’ needs to start looking at the other end of the cat. However who am I to intefere..