David Seymour hopes for the impossible: Auckland doing the right thing

All eyes will be on Auckland Council tomorrow as they respond to the Independent Hearings Panel?s proposed Unitary Plan, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

?Prospective homebuyers have already waited too long for a workable solution to Auckland?s housing shortage,” says Mr Seymour.

?We know that homeowners in the centre of the city are not opposed to intensification and in some cases welcome it, but they have specific, and in my view legitimate, concerns over school zones and funding, congestion, and community character.

?In order to balance these issues Auckland Council will need to abandon their war on city expansion and stop banning development at the fringe. ?We already have a home shortage of 32,000 so strong action is essential.

?The Council has had five years to produce a plan. The process to date has been disastrous with u-turns, flip flops, and unelected bureaucrats attempting to publicly undermine elected Councillors.

“Councillors must now take charge.?If they find it all too hard, then they?ll need to step aside and allow the Government to legislate for them.

?ACT has always been ready to work with the Government on workable legislation that will boost housing supply ? including the RMA, which National has left languishing in political purgatory.”

Auckland local government and to some degree central government have been effectively paralysed.? More effort is spent on reports and reviews, on infighting, on dreams than on actually fixing the problem.? Apart from the rail loop, that somehow is going quite well being half a billion over budget already, far from finished, and responsible for putting Auckland in a position where it can no longer borrow any more money.

I doubt there will be any courage on display, other than to make the sort of noises that will return those reliant on being elected back at the council trough for another 3 years of stagnation.