Do your dog preferences and internet browsers predict your political leanings?



Social scientists think that they can predict your ideology by asking questions about values and lifestyle that have no obvious connection to politics.They say that even a decision as trivial as which browser you’re using to read this gives them clues about your personality.


In the following interactive quiz they put together 12 questions that have a statistical correlation to a person’s political leanings, even if the questions themselves seem apolitical.

At the end of the quiz let us know in the comments if their prediction was right.

Take the quiz by clicking here.


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  • Sally

    7 conservative qualities to 5 liberal. Probably more conservative than that but deep down have a ‘caring’ liberal heart because I use Chrome and like cats over dogs.

    • Korau

      Likewise with the cats. I prefer Firefox, but if I do need another browser prefer Chromium which is Google’s Chrome browser with all the proprietary (spying) bits removed. Chromium is open source, like Firefox. Chrome extensions (like ad blocker etc) run on chromium.

      • Rick H

        ha – -I’m using Chromium also.
        On my Ubuntu-Linux operating system.

  • KGB

    Conservative, no surprises there. Not sure how dogs and safari define me though.

    • Chris EM

      Dogs and Safari here, too. My dogs have always preferred the Mac OS as it’s more intuitive, maybe that has something to do with it?

      • KGB

        Or in my case – I use a Mac because it is ‘idiot proof’ and only liberals are considered capable of more complicated systems?

  • Korau

    The questions are mostly pretty obvious in their relationship to politics.

  • Rosco

    Conservative – how surprising – 8 to 4

  • wanarunna

    8-4 on the conservative side. Also not sure why the web browser choice is relevant

  • Curious

    I get moderately conservative, hmmm not right as I considder myself more conservative and I am not sure how watching documentaries over action movies makes me liberal.

    • KGB

      I hesitated with that one and I suspect liberals consider themselves better educated and intellectually superior. We are heartless conservatives who don’t care about whales and polar bears. Watching spy thrillers while our planet burns:)

  • sheppy

    It was pretty accurate with me, although a messy desk being a liberal trait is a worry

  • Chris EM

    Conservative, 9-3

  • shykiwibloke

    I think it’s smoke and mirrors. Some questions should have a don’t care option or ‘both’. The assumptive association for others is questionable also IMHO.
    I remember being asked in a survey which radio station I listen to. The survey did not allow for listening to several depending on mood. An example of an assumption on the surveys part.

  • Caprice

    Moderate. Probably by American standards, we are all moderate, when you consider things like fusion food etc. The only food most kiwis wouldn’t eat is Tea Party.

  • Nige.

    Meh. I would’ve expected to be further to the right T.B.P.H

  • sonovaMin

    Slightly more conservative than liberal

  • ridsel

    That thing is already way out of date… liking fusion cuisine is no longer anything to do with “openness to new experiences” as most will have tried it and found out that much of it was a terrible idea. Their “browser modernity” thing is also not current.

  • Lance Ralph

    Mid-way between Mod & Lib. As I anticipated. Neoliberal??
    This explains why I am filled with disgust at the current behaviour of Labour parties.
    Also explains why I admire ad support the present government, although I consider them a bit too left wing in some areas

  • ridsel

    One good question is the control/expression one… I’ll happily debate the importance of self-control over self-expression any day. If you can’t control what you’re expressing, how is it a valid expression? A ballet dancer has to have amazing self control to move her body in expressive ways. If she had no self control over her body, she’d just be “expressing” random twitches. The same goes for the mind. I think liberals must not even really think about that question.

  • Curly1952

    Very right – 9 Conservative to 3 Liberal

  • Anthony

    I’ll call it 100% conservative, as I don’t see what the association with times square would be.

  • GoingRight

    Half way between moderate and conservative. I thought I was a little more liberal than that!

  • Rick H

    8 Conservative
    3 Liberal

    Probably about right.

  • Rex

    On the money! Very much conservative

  • H. Upmann

    This is a pointless and stupid click-bait exercise designed for dumb Americans and there are plenty of those from both sides.

    The meaning of the words liberal and conservative have been dramatically corrupted by American English. Using the American definitions as this exercise obviously does, I am offended by my result to be considered conservative (Right wing god bothers – not me at all), but I would be just as offended were it come out with liberal result (Left wing anti capital Marxists / socialists – not me either). Drilling it right down, a conservative is boring; a liberal is a control freak. Why would anyone want to be considered to be either?

    I consider myself as be something of a libertarian, having what are usually held to be conservative monetary policy views, (never pouring money into fixing whatever
    is considered to be the latest must-fix-crisis-hand-wringing thing including
    corporate welfare), but holding social views considered to be liberal such as government not having any business with my personal freedom so long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

    Of course these loose definitions have been further compromised with the socialist /
    liberal sector now attempting to shut down any free speech that does not meet
    their agenda.

    My personal philosophy starts with personal responsibility and accountability, that as per Thomas Jefferson, everyone is equal and has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In modern context this is considered to be neither a conservative or liberal view.

    • spanishbride

      Don’t worry, I have other more scientific quizzes in the pipeline, one of which correctly identified me as a Libertarian.

      • Platinum Fox

        I clicked on the link for the Time article with global results for the quiz and found that my answers were fairly well aligned with the “L” for Libertarian.

    • BMSKiwi

      Hmmm. I am a right wing god botherer, a conservative, and I agree exactly with your social and economic views.
      Are you sure you aren’t just a bit embarrassed to find yourself aligned us backwoods types?

      • H. Upmann

        Prefer to be identified as a backwoods type any day. After all, that is where I was brought up, rural NZ. Just not in favour of the connotations of the branding.

        • BMSKiwi

          I get it. But I think you are a conservative branding yourself as a libertarian. And I don’t think there’s much difference between the two.

          • H. Upmann

            Oh yes definitely an enlightened and advanced conservative, but one who has a massive gap on may social issues with those who brand themselves as true conservatives. Why is it a conservative government’s business who you sleep with?

            My rant was more about American euphemisms and distortions of English. For example the average American thinks a socialist means a Marxist communist. I realise many of them are, hiding behind the socialist label rather than being honest, but we are talking hard core leftist here who never ever should be allowed anywhere near the word liberal.

          • BMSKiwi

            Yup. There are some interventionist conservatives still.
            But many of us, while believing various lifestyle choices are illegal in God’s law, also object to using the sinister tools of human government to prevent them.


      IMHO WO doesn’t seem to claim that they would venture in ‘deep and menaingful’ exercises….relax, it’s Sunday morning…..

      • H. Upmann

        Sorted. Brunch while sitting in the sun at a Newmarket cafe and reading about the tribulations of Malcolm Turnbull. I bet he is not feeling very conservative this morning.

  • Tony

    yep – the only thing that would have made me more conservative is having a clean desk and choosing an older browser!

  • Teletubby

    It put me at about 11 o’clock on the dial which is a bit surprising given my loathing of all things to the left, I guess it only asks questions in my weak spots, although I think the browser thing is BS

  • cows4me

    Thank God, not a dribbling Liberal.

  • Wheninrome

    Neutral option might have helped in some instances to give a more accurate picture.

  • Woody

    Mostly Conservative which would be mostly correct.

  • Wheninrome

    I believe my conservative self is more up to date and open to new ideas than the profile would have one believe. Liberals are not arbiters of a progressive life, I do not think their thought processes are open to new ideas.
    edit: they follow a predictable path, so in their own way are conservative of thought.

  • Wasapilot

    I am at 2.30 on the clock, so I guess about 90% conservative, 10% liberal. Why liking dogs over cats appears to be a liberal tendency is beyond me, add to that an untidy desk, and not being averse to trying new food types.

  • Moonroof

    Moderately conservative. Though my web browser choice is liberal? Oh well.

  • Jude

    5 liberal 7 conservative. Thought I was more conservative than that:)

  • Bluemanning

    Conservative at around 2 o’clock; weird questions though.

  • Charlie

    8 Conservative, 4 liberal = 3/4 full. Probably about spot on.

  • Korau

    Here is my (computer) desktop. Is that anal? I hate & detest (makes me sound like a lefty) icons sprayed across my desktop. My backgrounds change every few minutes.

    • Sceptical Harry

      Make up your mind!

  • kayaker

    Pretty much spot on at 2o’clock.

    • Nic C

      Yip… pretty much exactly where I ended up too

      • Uncle Bully

        Me too.

  • MaryLou

    Not sure I agree with this – I’m apparently somewhere between liberal and moderate. Which flies in the face of what anyone who knows me would say! I am generally quite annoyingly “goody two shoes” – and in regards to this, I’m not sure how using Chrome, preferring cats only slightly, being interested in different foods and liking documentaries makes me a liberal. Nah…

  • XCIA

    Seems roughly in line with my beliefs. If my three WHWT’s were quizzed, they would be classified as anarchists.

  • Sticktotheknitting

    Easy to steer the result. However I was honest and was rewarded with the clock at nearly 3.15, only 4 parts liberal. Puh, just because I prefer a cat. and am (moderately) untidy. hee hee wotta laff.

  • LovetoTeach

    Midway between moderate and conservative

  • JEL51

    Oxford English: conservative: 1) averse to change or innovation & holding traditional values. 2) favouring free enterprise, private ownership & socially conservative ideas.
    Heck, I am just as bad as you lot.

  • Sceptical Harry

    Apparently so.

    It does concern me that these clowns who came up with this survey got paid for doing it. There’s a stack of money wasted for no good reason at all.

  • WBC

    Fairly obvious questions mixed with fairly inane ones, no real intellectual merit, in fact it could have been put together by our own media it’s so dumbed down. If this is truly a part of the old magazine then I fear we really are in desperate need of a total revamp of the media, hopefully led by someone who has completed High School as a minimum standard.

  • old school

    At the end it has a section called ‘how it works’ It works by loading the questions. There was no option to neither agree or disagree.