Dunedin Council axes wind farm


Whaleoil covered this story two months ago:

The battle lines have been drawn on a wind farm project that has ?polarised? Blueskin Bay.

The depth of feeling about the project was highlighted by the packed public gallery at yesterday?s resource consent hearing for Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust?s (BRCT) $5million to $6million proposal to build three wind turbines on Porteous Hill, north of Dunedin.

The hearing began with a blow to the BRCT as council planner Darryl Sycamore no longer recommended consent be approved.

He said he was reserving his position until the end of the hearing, given the trust had made changes to the proposal.

The changes included reducing the maximum height of the wind turbines to 90m from the original 125m.

Worries about birds striking turbines, noise and health were among the issues brought up yesterday, but a key concern was around the impact on the area?s landscape.

The trust and its supporters said any negative effects would be more than made up for by the benefits, including reducing New Zealand?s reliance on carbon-producing power plants.

Thank goodness the Dunedin City Council didn’t believe a bar of it.??

A small wind farm won’t be built near Dunedin after the local council declined to give consent for the project.

Blueskin Energy Ltd had sought permission to build three community-owned wind turbines at Warrington, north of the city.

The Dunedin City Council said on Wednesday they had declined to approve a consent application for the project which was reviewed by independent commissioner Colin Weatherall in May.

The main reason it failed was due the adverse effects it would have on three nearby properties, Mr Weatherall said in a statement.

Who wants to build huge turbines in the middle of a tranquil bay? Surely only some deranged Greenie.


I wonder if Metiria Turei still lives in her castle in Blueskin Bay?


The real irony here?

These people could not get their wind farm past the Resource Management Act.


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