Explosion in Sweden: another lone wolf with mental issues and unclear motive

The Right Scoop spotted this story breaking on social media, and the news is still developing, but it does appear to be the case that there was an explosion at a residential building in Malm?, Sweden in the 9pm hour (local time). Here’s a report from an Australian news channel.

The on-air anchor says it is an area with “a high Muslim population” and that it happens on the same day as a Gay Pride march, which are both merely circumstantial facts and should not be seen as drawing a conclusion.

The reports come just days after another incident in the same city, where a victim was shot in broad daylight. The circumstances, again, have a theme.

They may have a theme, but we can not actually expect the media to spell it out.

More in the comments as the situation develops and confirmed information is released.? Readers can contribute.