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Meet Green List MP David Clendon.

Black Power member Ngapari Nui was voluntarily working in Whanganui Prison teaching wellness and wellbeing to Maori inmates.

The Ngati Ruanui member had been volunteering in prisons for five years, and the iwi said he had never hidden who he was, Fairfax media reported.

However Corrections Minister Judith Collins ordered a review of Corrections volunteers after his position at the prison was brought to her attention, and Mr Nui was stood down.

She said she would not be “using favour” in his situation.

“The same rules should apply to Black Power, the Mongrel Mob, the Road Knights, Hell’s Angels, Head Hunters … patched gang membership is not to be encouraged in our prisons.”

What does this have to do with Green List MP David Clendon?

True to form, the crim-hugging left charged to the fore to defend the rights of those who are a threat to society:

Green Party MP David Clendon told Radio New Zealand gang members should be able to volunteer in prisons.

Why even limit it to prisons? Why not insist gangs should volunteer in alcohol and drug recovery programmes, primary schools and hospitals?


– NZN, via Newshub


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  • Positan

    Sadly, no one expects a display of practical intelligence from the Greens.

  • Nige.

    Quite to the contrary to what the socialists think, I believe MPs (other than the relevant minister) should be barred from entering prisons. We’ve seen what happens when labour MPs go into prisons. Inmates die and get hurt. Fact. There have been riots.

    So what’s the difference?

    Both gangs and politicians have an agenda.

  • KGB

    I’m with JC. This is a man who still identifies as Black Power. If in his youth he was a member and now spoke out against gangs, he may have something to offer.
    Interestingly Maori leaders have rushed to his defence, demand to be heard, demand to be consulted. Where were they when Moko was killed? The little boy from the very same gang ‘family’ they argue cares so much, and can make such a difference.

    • localnews

      Maori are never going to properly address their 21st century problems until they disassociate themselves from the gang culture. Every time an issue arises we have gang members as spokesmen, and here we see Maori leaders as usual supporting gang culture.
      Welfare and gangs are hindering their young people but they won’t face up to it and cut the ties

  • Eiselmann

    I tell you what Dave get them to teach your young relatives social responsibility if you like , maybe you have some male relatives who could do with a Black Power lesson on how to treat women while you’re at it….I’m sure you believe nothing could go wrong…I’ll take that bet any day Dave.

    See here’s the thing Dave I grew up in a Black Power gang family, I know their mentality, they do everything for the gang, if they get ordered to put a knife in someone then that’s what they do. If their kid sister (who had a chance ) has to earn money on her back ….then she becomes a drugged out escort. If a ten year old boy wears the wrong coloured top it gets ripped off him and he’ll get a punch in the face by a patched gang member for good measure.

    That’s the gang Dave, that’s the sugar coated toned down reality and you want to help spread their influence…you world class muppet

    Seriously Dave…get out of parliament now ,you are a danger to society. If you think Black Power are ‘neato’ people go live with them for 8 years like I had to…

    • KGB

      Well said?
      You are exactly the type of person who could offer hope and direction to youth in gang families.
      I hope you are very proud of who you have become, and what you have survived.

      • Eiselmann

        The irony is that my hatred for gangs started when I was ten and with my Manchester United top ,which I had only just been given after two years of begging ,being ripped off my body and getting punched for showing disrespect …that was one heck of a shock to the system. Sadly too many kids inside these families simply accept brutality as part of life.

        I often think of all the kids from my past who joined gangs because that was the extent of their expectation …they have (to my knowledge) all been to prison for violent crime, and several are dead now.

        Keeping non-gang members away from gangs on the inside is a problem that can only be solved by some (by comparison) draconian measures…however turning their re-integration -support programme over to gang members from outside jail is a recipe for disaster. For an MP to want to do that is reprehensible, and boy was I angry when I read FOTD

        So yes I’m proud of the fact that I survived the gang family , it hasn’t been an easy life but at least its been an honest life.

  • Cadwallader

    The Greens do not simply lack intelligence and wisdom, their ideas are engendered by a lack of character. When did anyone of us last hear a statement of principle from a Greenie MP? Rather than standing fast to ideals and principles they float about embracing any hard luck story, any weak assertion of deprivation and any untested enviro yarn which the msm serves up to them. In other words they’re a waste of time and space. The previously unheard of MP featured here was not placed in the House to hold absurd notions about gangs but I suspect this is the best he can do and will be meeting with the approval of his (ahem) leaders?

    • Martin

      The absurd notions about gangs arise from their embrace of Marxist class wars.

  • These idiots obviously live such sheltered lives and have never been on the receiving end of criminal activity.

    Still, if they can communicate with trees and plants then their sense of reality is always going to be questioned.

  • Brian

    Why stop there Dave, how about pedophiles in kindergartens…

    • Peter

      Why stop there either! Bring them in to do security at our airports during the up & coming strike. They are probably well qualified!
      Opps, nah no good, that would be strike breaking.

  • biscuit barrel

    ” gang members should be able to volunteer in prisons.” ?

    See what their reaction is if anti climate change believers were to volunteer for schools ?
    We have seen it happen in a similar way for a professional panel in Christchurch

    “Coal Action Network Aotearoa (Cana), a group of climate campaigners, called on the council to drop South Australia University business school statistician Dr Kesten Green and Waikato University earth sciences senior lecturer Dr Willem de Lange from the panel, because it claimed they were “climate deniers”.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Tui Ad:
    ‘Because gang members are there to do good in the community.’

    I can’t even begin to tell Mr Clendon how dumb he is to think this is a good idea.

  • The greens have always been sympathetic to gangs.

    I am sure I remember that some years back, Turia was waffling on about how they’re just harmless clubs

    • biscuit barrel

      Yes, the ‘rivers must be safe for swimming’ but not the streets safe to walk down.

  • Usaywot

    The thing that gets my goat is that the Greens see anyone right of centre as greedy, selfish, out for themselves etc, etc, etc,. In reality that’s exactly what they are. They want a world where all the dear little animals romp free, where no trees are cut down, no fish caught, streams tinkle clean and pure and untouched, preferably with no human beings..oh, except themselves of course. That’s selfish. They are living inside a fairy tale, not real life.