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  • In Vino Veritas

    Disturbed while fishing? the only excuse for that is a life or death event. The judge should have fined TVNZ.

  • Doug

    The movie TVNZ should be ashamed.


    • Davo42

      They obviously have no shame, why else would they hire Vance and bradford? And don’t forget their recent hooking up with Hager.

    • Richard

      That is some epic footage right there, Bob reminds me of the elusive Yeti, as he stalks back off through the foliage.

  • JLS

    The man is a legend, alpha male, through and through. Live long and prosper Sir Bob.

  • Mayb if a few more reporters got that treatment when door stepping people they may change their technique

    • Vaughan

      Could we start by nominating Gollum (Gower) to head that queue ?

  • SFB

    Fined $1000 and offered to pay $2000 if he could hit him again!
    From memory they met years later at some function and had a good laugh over it.

  • Doc45

    He also landed a timely ‘punch’ on the political scene. His foray into politics changed the landscape forever – to our benefit.

  • Huia

    That was the highlight of any tv I have ever seen.
    What an arrogant rude thing to do, arriving in a quiet area like that in a helicopter all in “pursuit” of a story.
    There could only ever be one outcome and we all witnessed it. Sir Bob deserved a knighthood for that one action alone.