Face of the Day


Prime Minister John Key will arrive back from his Europe and South East Asia visit tomorrow before launching into talks with United States Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden is in Australia and will stop off in New Zealand for 24 hours – the first official visit by a Vice President in 40 years.

Key said that given the long period since a senior US official had come to New Zealand, the bilateral talks on Thursday would be wide-ranging.

“I imagine it will be everything from what happened in The Hague and the ruling on the South China Seas to the work that we’re doing together in Iraq and the fight against ISIL (the Islamic State).

“That will be the primary aim of the talks, I would have thought.”

It is also possible that Biden will confirm whether the US will send a ship to the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th anniversary this year, which would break a 30-year impasse.

Biden’s a decent bloke with a good sense of humour and both his feet on the ground.? He’ll be worth flying back for.? No doubt John Key will have something prepped to announce during or after the visit that will be another “win” for his government.

But he’s here to talk terrorism and regional stability.? Perhaps it’s time to be told to stop dicking around with Fiji and get back to working together.? The world, after all, has bigger problems on its hands.


– NZ Herald