Former ‘Naki boy could be Australia’s Winston Peters

via SMH

via SMH

A New Zealander is likely to be a key kingmaker in Australian politics after a tight election result threw its Parliament into turmoil.

Former Taranaki journalist Derryn Hinch is being courted by the two major parties desperate to form a government.

From shock jock, to power player Mr Hinch is the Kiwi now holding one of the keys to Australia’s political future.

“I spent 15 minutes last night on the phone with the Prime Minister of Australia, and on Friday I got a call from Bill Shorten wishing me well, so they’re out there trying,” he says.

Mr Hinch could either help save Malcolm Turnbull’s government or get Labor across the line.

Neither party has the numbers to form a government, the Coalition with 67 seats and Labor with 71. There are five minor parties and independents, and seven seats are undecided.

The magic number for a majority is 76. Even if a party manages to form a government, it will be messy. It will be reliant on powerful kingmakers who can be difficult and tricky to control. Kingmakers can name their price.

Some are less desirable, like One Nation’s Pauline Hanson, who says Mr Turnbull has “lost my number”. But she’s happy being on the outside.

Derryn Hinch is a robust radio host who would be having more defamation cases than Cam Slater, more “get him off the air” petitions than Mike Hosking, and would make Hosking and Henry look like far-left Greenies.

Strong on law and order, and no tolerance for BS, Hinch is finally moving from talking about it to trying to do something.

There is a delicious irony to him holding the balance of power. Just as Winston knows, the kingmaker gets to demand a lot of concessions. As a strong advocate for a public sex offender registry, I suspect he’ll go with whichever side will commit to making that a reality.


– Newshub


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  • Steely Man

    And possibly a return to equity for NZ citizens in Aussie

  • cows4me

    If he’s from Taranaki then he’ll be a top bloke.

    • A Goldie

      i always thought he was from the Waikato as he is just so good at pulling a teat or two.

  • Sailor Sam

    He will be in the Senate, the government is decided in the House of Representatives.
    His position has no influence as to who will form the Government.
    His influence extends only as far as reviewing and voting on legislation put forward by the Government of the day.
    He will be in the same position as Pauline Hanson, no more no less.