Greenpeace told to drop opposition to GE by more than 100 Nobel laureates

This is ironic. The organisation that tells us we should accept climate science, that the science is settled and other such statements, is now being told the same thing about GE crops and foods, by eminent scientists who are also Nobel laureates.

More than 100 Nobel laureates have called on international environmental group Greenpeace to end its opposition to genetically modified crops, saying there is a scientific consensus they are safe and can benefit society.

At a news conference, the scientists cited in particular the value of a genetically modified rice used to prevent some illnesses related to vitamin A deficiency in much of the developing world.

“Golden Rice” produces beta carotene in the grain, which rice does not do in the natural world. ?

The laureates called on Greenpeace specifically to stop opposing the grain, as well as related biotechnology that they say has a positive impact across the globe.

“The time has come that we now know these things are safe,” Nobel laureate Sir Richard Roberts said. “The basic method does not lead necessarily to a bad thing.”

He said the group could influence other organisations and parties opposing genetically modified (GM) crops.

But Greenpeace officials called the event a publicity stunt.

A publicity stunt? They’d know all about those…except scientists, with the exception of climate scientists and health troughers, don’t generally do publicity stunts.

Greenpeace are so utterly conflicted in accepting science when it comes to GE foods. They constantly demand we accept the science for climate change…but ignore the science for GE foods and crops.