Hitting the Mrs is like keying your own car


Women’s Refuge New Zealand has released a new video featuring Temuera Morrison talking about his iconic Once Were Warriors role.

In the film, the Star Wars actor played Jake the Muss, a horrifically violent domestic abuser.

The video is raising awareness of the refuge’s annual fundraising appeal.

“We speak of whanau, we speak of aroha, but I think we’re just saying these words,” says Morrison in the video.
“So we need Women’s Refuge, we need our people and our communities to do a bit more, to give a bit more to help our women.”

Morrison says the problem of domestic violence has gotten worse than it was when Once Were Warriors was released in 1994.

“Every individual case is different, but I ask myself why the bloody hell they don’t pack their bags and get out of there,” says Morrison in the video.

“They’re in a situation where leaving seems [as though it’ll leave them] more vulnerable. They’re used to the violence as well, it becomes quite normal. They fear they’ll suffer more abuse if they do leave, they fear for the kids.”

Maori violence statistics are literally beyond belief. 

  • Half of all children killed by caregivers were Māori
  • 7 Young Māori women and 4 Māori children were hospitalised from an assault for every 1 Pakeha woman and child hospitalised from an assault
  • 49% of Māori women experienced partner abuse at some time in their life compared with 24% of Pakeha women and 32% of Pacific women
  • Over half (52%) of all children and young people (2,030) in care and protection placements out of home were Māori as at 30 June 2012. This compares with 38% being New Zealand Pākehā children and young people and 7% being Pacific children and young people.
  • Māori children were involved in 54% of all substantiated abuse findings recorded by CYF where ethnicity was known in 2011/12. This was by far the largest category, ahead of New Zealand Pākehā (28%) and Pacific (13%).


If you would like to read these dreadful statistics on domestic violence in our own country, then you can read the Government report “Et tu Whanau” for yourself, here.

If Maori domestic violence rates drop back in line with Pakeha domestic violence rates, our national domestic violence would drop by 25%.


– Newshub, NZ Government


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  • sandalwood789

    Maoridom is in a very very sick state.
    Maori need to forget the Treaty, put it behind them and start caring for their children.

    • JLS

      Yes, looking forward engenders optimism, while looking backward has created resentment and the visible consequences. The welfare state has also done the Maori race a great disservice by its enslavement.

    • Keyser Soze

      There are too many fat cat Maori snuffling at the Treaty trough for it ever to come to an end.

  • Graeme

    Good on morrison. Imagine if a white person had come up with this.

  • NahYeah

    Those numbers look dramatically worse when you put them into per-capita terms, e.g the 54% of abuses becomes 5-6 times as many abuses per-capita.

  • Builder

    I wrote this two years ago on WOBH, great to see it finally happening. “It would be great if Tem could do some really good public service ads on tv opposing family violence and help turn around the Maori violence culture in NZ. I think he could do it.”

  • rantykiwi

    All the (racist) Maori targeted policies, funding and organisations should be disbanded immediately as they demonstably don’t work. Maori should be left on the same footing as the rest of NZ, and all their bleating about being “ripped off” totally ignored. Let them live by the same standards and laws as the rest of us – maybe then their behaviour and thus statistics will mirror ours too.

    And I’m sure the money saved could be redirected to the benefit of all of society in helping reduce family abuse across the board.

    • sonovaMin

      I’m sure the law of low expectations is at play here

  • Minnie Mouse

    Wow! I love this. All power to the Womens’ Refuge. I do hope that Marama Fox, Te Ururoa Flavell, Metiria Turei etc. sit up and take notice of this and send the message to the Maori leaders that this escalating abuse will no longer be tolerated. Amen.
    N.B. My understanding is that Muslim men also like to give their women the bash.
    Hopefully they get the message too that it’s totally unacceptable here in NZ to do this to your women and wee vulnerable children.