A quick primer on capitalism v communism – no, you don’t already know it all


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  • AndrewML

    This dose not go nearly far enough and tell you why it has still won. If you can set aside 1 hour 23 min to watch this on, Why are we in Decline – Cultural Marxism. It is well and truly worth while.


    • contractor

      Interestingly cultural Marxism fails entirely at better balancing wealth distribution. Workers DO NOT do better under govts of the left, as the case under Labour’s comrade Clark. Capital prospers regardless, and I believe rather excessively absent greater tax redistribution. Heresy I know.

    • Rosco

      Wow!! Thanks Andrew that is the most powerful doco I have seen – we all know what is happening but this must see documentary has the details that we need to promulgate – will be spreading this far and wide!

  • contractor

    Either extreme is, well, just extreme. The Smith side is closer to fairness and reality of life, but must be tempered by appropriate laws and taxation that balances individual responsibility with the realities of unequal distribution of wealth and luck.